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Change, changing, Changed

Monday, November 05, 2012

I just wrote on our WHAM thread (Weekend Healthy Accountability and Mini-challenge thread some things I attempting and experimenting with.....


also a plug for Wendi's page --- goes right along with the blog topic ....

My main boss just popped in --- he said you "you look good --- look like your feeling good --- after all the heart stuff". I digress but thought it went right along with change

I digress again -- couldn't help it -- in case you didn't go to the WHAM thread for some of my change experiments/tips here what I wrote there ..... LOL

Yesterday I took time to cut up 4 bell peppers
Portion out baby carrots, snap peas, peppers
boiled 4 eggs (that I must say turned out very well) I did it Martha's way (Martha Stewart) --- put eggs in cool water --- covered eggs over with water -- about 1" over top -- brought to boil --- removed from heat and left covered for 12 minutes --- chilled under running water --- a trick I use is to slightly crack eggs -- and go under shell with a spoon upside-down and it just peels the shell off -- not mess -- no tears

brought 1 egg and low sodium bread to work -- funny thing -- I've found that if I bring breakfast with me -- I'm more interested in eating -- probably because I'm awake a little longer.

2nd thing I've found --- if I eat breakfast at my desk .... I don't think of having a morning snack as often ??? not sure why but I've noticed this......

practiced on a pear and an apple -- cutting and putting in baggie -- used some lemon juice.
for my results -- I will probably bring them whole to work -- I keep a knife in my desk in a pencil box --- this might be helpful to take for car trip or on the run -- apple fared pretty well -- pear turned a little more.

tonight plan to get to the store for some frozen lunches --- plan to alternate those with a sandwich through out the week -- but it helps with variety.

Change --- I've been working on weight loss change MOST of my life. I remember in gaining weight in 4th grade -- like to pant sizes (waist not length) -- I felt huge and continued to feel huge throughout high school. I was bigger than most students but when I see pictures I realize I wasn't HUGE.

I continually sought diets and suggestions and tried everything but it didn't work as I intended.

After school I worked at JC Penny's -- I went on a diet and lost 118 pounds --- labwork and so forth I looked healthy -- but I made very few changes in diet -- weight loss was achieved with compulsive exercise -- at one point walking 8 miles a day around a walking track (2 hours and 10 minutes was my usually time). Then when I lost some weight I went to the gym and worked out 2 hours on M-W-F and usally on the weekends too. Tuesday and Thursday was my light day of an hour each day.

After the regaining of that weight -- I stayed at about 288 for just about most of my adult life. Then I gained up to 338 and that's when I started CHANGING again. Wanting to change -- -working to change. I rejoined my TOPS chapter
TOPS is great for me -- less expensive than some of the other weight loss groups --- it gives me face-2-face support and weekly accountability with weight. My ticker reflects my TOPS weigh-ins -- I only change it with those weights. I weigh at home only for challenges that don't work with my Thursday night weight ins.

Changing continued -- I continued to change (some of this is definitely not new to most of you) for a couple years and lost 75 pounds. Got sick and gained 25-30 pounds back. I've now CHANGED that and I'm almost lost all the regained weight.

CHANGED -- again my mind feels changed -- I feel like I can, I will achieve my weight loss goal -- my healthy related goals of continuing to reduce medications.


I'm exploring new ways of doing things.
Experimenting with packing lunch with a variety of fresh veggies and fruits

I'm also experimenting with change to my workouts -- varying the time on certain days.

CHANGED -- no issue getting in my 10+ water goal --- no diet pop (or any pop) for 1 month 1 day now.

I'm very interested in comments about additional lunch packing and food travel tips....... blog comment ---- sparkmail ---- page comment ---- goodie -- I think you get what I mean :)

HUGZ to my SparkFamily --- you all are biggest change I've made in my life -- you've helped me continue to explore change --- embrace change -- and continue changing when without you --- I'm afraid of the changes that might have happened.

So as I always say....

"Be good to my friend"

"Together we can do (change) the things we could never do (change) alone"
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    Changing for the better! You are emoticon

    I pack my lunch in a cooler and keep it in my car. I park in the farthest spot in the parking lot. A little walk going out for lunch.

    Cottage cheese and fruit is very filling and delicious. I love tuna salad with craisins and celery. I really like it on one slice of oatmeal bread. A wrap with lunch meat and coleslaw is good too. Yogurt and string cheese are handy.

    A friend makes one giant bowl of salad. She covers it with wet paper towels to keep it fresh. Then she scoops out a plateful each day for lunch and adds her dressing.

    Keep experimenting! Think of all the wonderful healthy options out there!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1954 days ago
    Randy, it's awesome to see you on a roll again my friend....

    this year, stumbled onto a newer type cooler at our local general 1 stop shop grocery, collapsible Zero degree coolers with outside strap/pocket things... put in the freezer for a bit, and then they stay cold, don't even need ice or those icepaks... so less messy... just wipe out... was surprised they worked well... i also love grab & go, so precut veggie packs are marvelous! and so i like the single serving yogurts, cheese sticks too... thanks for the tip on the eggs...
    1957 days ago
    Love it Randy!! You've come a long way and are doing great!
    Also, love the spoon trick with the eggs!
    We're all in this together....thanks for being a Spark friend!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1958 days ago
    Great! This community is one of the best changes I made to my life too!
    1959 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Do you have access to a fridge at work? I bought some Ziploc bowl with twist on lids, they hold two cups, perfect size for breakfast or lunch for me.
    For breakfast, I use them for a couple of hard boiled eggs, yogurt and frozen fruit, or I put a cup of skim milk in one and some cheerios in a baggie, and when I get ready to eat, just mix and serve, lol!

    For lunch I usually just have whatever was left over from dinner the night before, again they are perfect size bowls, they also fit a can of soup perfectly, or fill half full with grapes or other fruits.
    I also have the short square ones, sandwich sized, although for sandwiches, I prefer to wrap them in saran wrap because the bread gets a touch dry in the square bowls. They fit a good sized salad or leftovers that you might not want squished in the small round bowls.

    For apples or pears, I bring them whole and keep a small knife in my desk drawer, and for peanut butter, I have some tiny lidded bowls that only hold a couple tablespoons.

    There is a bit more washing to do when I get home, but all the little bowls work for me, great for portion control and when I am done eating, I just stick them in my desk drawer and pop them into a bag before I go home.
    1959 days ago
    1959 days ago
    You are doing wonderfully! I know it is all about CHANGING the way we think and the way we do things.....Lifestyle CHANGE!

    Did you do the diet pop cold turkey? This is SO hard for me! I do ok during the week and can get by with having just 1 a day but the weekends are terrible! I know I need to treat it just like any other day!

    Don't have an ideas for taking your lunches. I'm at home all the time so don't have to deal with that. Although I have an apple slicer/corer which I love. Cores and slices at the same time. Something you could keep in your desk. It is quick!

    And Thanks for the plug! emoticon

    You are Changing! Keep up the GREAT work! emoticon

    1959 days ago
    I know --- it's long -- hope you glean something from it that's helpful.

    As I friend used to say --- use what you can and STORE the rest :)
    1959 days ago
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