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Monday, November 05, 2012

I'm not sure if I'm really back to SparkPeople like I was in the past or not. I decided that tracking my calories was making me focus on food in a punishment/reward kind of way instead of a "you eat food to live" kind of way. I decided to stop tracking and just eat Primally and work out Primally and see what happened.

I am having a LOT of success! I only have three planned workouts a week: a sprint workout, a time trials workout, and a lifting/metcon workout. Otherwise, I do whatever happens in command physical training, which may or may not happen in a given week and may or may not be hard, I ride my bike to and from work as much as possible (not much these days here in the Northeast), and it's only 3 miles each way anyway. I walk around outside. That's pretty much it.

I discovered that I'm a runner, but not in the "go outside every day and slog out 9834789037 miles." I train for races, and then I run them. I did another Warrior Dash with my husband, and I slooooooooooooooowly jogged a half-marathon with a co-worker. We went so slowly that the very following Friday I raced a 5K on the base and came in 3rd overall female with a time of 22:14. I never knew I could run that fast!

Nowadays, playing around with my diet has been for the sake of figuring out my moodiness. Sure, sometimes life hands you lemons, but it seems like recently I have been getting more down than normal. I decided to do a Whole30, and I was surprised by how much going super-strictly Paleo changed everything.

It wasn't a big step for me to go from eating store-bought organic Spectrum mayonnaise to making my own from a pasture egg and some light olive oil. It wasn't a big step for me to make sure that the salsa I buy has no added sugar or preservatives. It wasn't a big step to remove bacon from my breakfast and just make root veggie hashes. It wasn't a big move to make my own salad dressing to make sure I was eating olive oil instead of soybean oil and adding no sugar or honey. It wasn't a big move to ask my husband to make pasta sauce from tomatoes, basil from my garden, and carrots.

It really wasn't.

But it was a big deal to my body. It was huge. I'm pretty sure after one week I just looked leaner. My measurements didn't really change, I don't think (I didn't check), and I'm not sure if my weight changed, because I didn't check. I just felt better about myself in general. Even if I overate, it didn't seem to affect me, because I only overate Whole30 foods.

The funnier thing is that while that diet is ridiculously super-restrictive, it was actually easy. I focused on all the foods that were an option. I didn't feel deprived when cookies were around, because they just weren't an option. It wasn't punishment, it was just a fact. At restaurants, I ordered meat and veggies and just asked the waiter to make it dairy-free. They obliged. I'm sure once or twice something sneaked into my food that shouldn't have been there, but it didn't matter. I felt pretty good!

When my 30 days were up, I completed a Warrior Dash and then treated myself to a serious cheat dinner. For dessert, I had a chocolate chip cookie banana split ice cream sundae. Yep. I went freaking bat-sh*t crazy. It was delicious, but all that night I was upset about clarinet and my job and my life sucking, and my husband was like, what is going on?! The next morning, I was fine.

For some reason, being off the "diet" made me feel like I could cheat more, so I cheated about once a week, and I started feeling like garbage again. Now I'm back on a Whole30, I'm a week into it, and I'm feeling amazing again. How can I really argue? It's NOT that hard!

So if it's working, why am I back? Because I want to lose 5 pounds. My body seems to be very stable right now, but I'm really enjoying a little bit of modeling on the side and kinda want to lose 5 pounds for that and for my running. I can now officially run a mile in 6 1/2 minutes. I want to be able to maintain that.

I'm just trying to lose it by not overeating my good foods. This time around, I'm focusing on eating only three meals a day and making sure that each meal is satisfying enough that it tides me over to the next one. I seem to have stumbled across a winning breakfast: two pullet eggs (equals about one extra large egg) in an omelette with spinach, onion, shrimp, tomato, and a few tablespoons of Wholly Guacamole. All of that is Whole30 approved and delicious. I had it two days in a row and literally felt HAPPY each time I ate it.

I'm eating anywhere between 1600-2000 calories a day, and that's slightly less than what I was eating. I was probably somewhere in the 2000-2500 range. Just a slow, steady lean-out will make me happy, and I'm not going to do it by increasing my cardio or adding more exercise. I like the Primal program I'm on now.

So yep, that's that. We'll see how often I post.

I just have to share these modeling photos, though. I did my first show the other day, and while I need a lot of help, it was fun!

My agent did invite me to a runway class, which thank goodness because I felt like I needed it! These two photos are good, but there are a few that were awkward, and there were models there who took way better photos than I did.

Who knew there was so much performance, art, and thought that needed to go into this? Now I have a little more respect for models in general!
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