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Religion - 30 Day Blog

Monday, November 05, 2012

4 Ė Your views on religion.

Wow! This was a hard topic to think about. I guess because I donít currently practice or follow a religion. I just have my beliefs, and those are hard to put into words. I do know that everyone should be free to practice and follow what they belief without worry about what others are going to say or being pressured to follow another. I feel that is one problem with America today. We are a land of opportunity with many different cultures and religions. When people traveled to the US, they brought with them many different religions with them. The US was not founded strictly on christian principals. Christianity wasnít the only religion that the founding fathers believed. We have never had a non-Christian president, including Romney if he is elected (yes, a few were said to follow Deism, but none identified himself as such). Thomas Payne is one of those founding fathers who did follow deism. Even in the early years of our country, there is documentation to show that we were not founded on christian principals (US constitution 1st amendment, and treaty of tripoli). Yes the declaration of independence is worded to make one think there are religious undertones, but it is does not represent our law. The declaration was written before we became a country and the constitution was written after. If we were a country founded on christian beliefs, why do documents after our creation say different? Even the phrase ďunder godĒ in the flagís pledge wasnít added until 1954, coins did not add ďin god we trustĒ until the civil war, and paper money added the phrase during the cold war. Even during several court cases, the ruling has always been that these phrases have nothing to do with the establishment of religion and bears no true resemblance to a governmental sponsorship of a religious exercise. So no, we are not a christian country, nor have we ever been. Yes most of our population would call themeselves christian (including catholics in this), but no, we are not a christian nation founded on christian beliefs. And yes, I think we should have a president who follows something other than a christ-centered religion, such as athiesm, wiccan, muslim, etc. Then maybe these people wouldnít feel so persecuted against. (Course, I also would love to have a gay/lesbian president or a female president.)

I mentioned earlier that I donít follow a religion. Iím still searching. However, I did grow up in a christian home, specifically the Church of the Nazarene denomination. Here is some of why I do not follow christianity anymore. I guess the big thing would be that I grew up hearing about things that were wrong, but when I actually partook in them, I felt no guilt in the action, just of what other people might say. One of those things you hear that you shouldnít do is sleep with a guy before marriage. Well, yes, I did in college. And no, I donít feel regret or bad about doing it now, or then. What I worried about more was having a roommate walk in, or my motherís reaction when/if she found out. If sleeping with a guy before marriage is such a bad thing, shouldnít I feel more guilt about it? Also, I donít like how the church feels it has a say on who someone can love and spend their life with. Why does it matter the sex of the person? First they had to be the same restriction on religion, now they have to do opposite gender? What is up with people putting restrictions on each other? Donít give me the argument that the bible says its wrong. There is plenty in the bible that isnít being followed right now. For example, 1 Timothy 2:9-10 and 1 Peter 3:2-5 both talk about girls not having braided hair or wearing gold/pearls. Ummm, why do I see girls wearing jewelry and braided hair in church? And one that would definitely apply to me is Deuteronomy 22:13-20 which states that if a woman is found to not be a virgin on her wedding night, she must be stoned. Which means if my husband wanted to, he could have had me stoned. Yeah, there are more examples Iím sure, but that would take too much work to find them. Point being, that those who say they follow the bible donít actually follow it all? Why should you get to pick and choose what part to follow? Criminals canít do that. If I go over the speed limit, I get a ticket, whether I like it or not. What I would love is to talk to a christian about something and have them not give me a passage from the bible as their answer. Seriously, what do you think about stuff the bible doesnít even mention? In my opinion, the bible was written for a different generation and time. Yes there are useful stuff in there, such as ďlove your neighborĒ, but there are things in there as well that donít fit with life now. How many christian denominations actually have women cover their heads? If you say yours doesnít, then its not following the bible. And there are also passages about women not speaking in church, but I know there are women pastors out there.

I guess my problem with christianity is the hypocritical aspect of it. Okay, thatís my problem with Romeny and the republican party as well, but thatís another topic. Yeah, I know, its the faith and not the people. But the people show us what the religion is about. We get our opinions based on what people say and do. I mean, it was the way christianís were acting that turned my husband off from the religion (in part), and its also what helped turn me away. Yeah, Iíve got family that talk about loving me, but I wonder if I made different choices would that love still be as evidient if it went way against their christian beliefs?

Alright, thatís all for now. If you want to talk more about this topic, feel free to message me.
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