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Sunday, November 04, 2012

On August 11 I hit my all time low weight of 217.2, the next day I went on vacation. I came home and on August 20th found an additional 12 pounds had clung to me while spending time in Alaska. I did enjoy the meals (and desserts and milkshakes) on board the ship! It has been approximately 2.5 months since I returned home and I have not been able to get back down to that magical 217.2 (which coincidentally is exactly the 100 lbs lost mark for me. I reached 218.0 last week, just .8 away from getting back to feel good status. Then this last week comes up, this week where I vowed to eat better, exercise more, be more active and all that jazz.

But none of that jazz happened this last week. I didn't get to the gym once this last week! I ate like an emaciated velociraptor for the first few days of the week, anything and everything in sight!
I ATE DONUTS!!! I hadn't had a donut in probably 4 years, I always liked them, but they were never a 'gotta have it' type of food item for me. Then last Sunday some donuts got brought into the house and I had half of a chocolate glazed one and it was on! I think I ate 8 donuts between Sunday and Monday! Good Lord, It was like watching a horror movie! On both days that I was eating donuts, I seemed to be eating everything else that looked good. I wasn't eating to just be eating mind you, I was sincerely feeling deep, painful hunger. I believe it was psychologically triggered by the donuts because I can easily go 36 hours with no food without feeling the empty pit of the stomach hunger pangs I was getting.

With that being said, I think I may experiment every once in while with a single donut type item. I believe the problem stemmed from not having had a donut for so long and the smell and taste brought up memories of workday mornings long since past with the pretty pink box full of doughy sweetness. I think the first bite of donut triggered a release of endorphins, because I felt pretty good all day, as long as I periodically stopped by the pink box to grab another 'taste'. The sad thing is that my favorite donut treat wasn't even in the box, the mighty Apple Fritter.

So I feel I have 2 choices here, either avoid donuts (as I had done for around 4 years with ravaging consequences) or occasionally visit a donut shop and purchase one Apple Fritter and leave to consume it elsewhere (somewhere where there are no innocent donuts to fall prey to my donut triggered Mr. Hyde personality switch). I think this will work to keep me from ever again being triggered like a dough loving Manchurian Candidate.

Now aside from the donut story I think it was apparent that I didn't have a great week. But on the other hand I had a good week. How can I say that? How can this be true? Well, after all was said and done and I got on the scale on Saturday, my weight was exactly the same as it was the previous week. Wed, Thurs and Fri I ate clean and light and drank tons of water. Had I gone to the gym, I probably would have posted a loss and maybe even gotten back to my magic 100 lb mark. But I did not do those things and I can't change it now.

Here's the numbers.

Weight : 218.0
Lost : 0
Total : 99.2

Overall, after everything I did (and ate) I am pleased to have walked away from this week only psychologically scarred. Now I can vow to do better this week! (again) Talk is cheap, I need to do the things that need to be done, not talk about them.

So everyone, get out there and have yourselves one fantastic week!

Ken Heaston
Since 1970
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I will admit I had a donut incident at myself they provided them at work. Those things are from satan himself. You didn't gain brother and that is awesome!!!
    1905 days ago
    lol, sounds like an epic good time!! though i must say, i had the most ridiculous cheat day in history this last friday night /saturday. ive never eaten that much food in one sitting, let alone 5 times in a day. oh man! and i felt bad about starting friday night, and it prolly hurt me a bit, but i decided oh well, it happens. whatever. as long as you are making strides to make improvement
    1905 days ago
    you are human even though I think you are superhuman!! good job in your thinking..put it behind you and move on!!
    1905 days ago
    I was the same way with bagels. I hadn't had one in more than a year and then the damn burst and I absolutely had to have one. After I had my bagel and checked my blood glucose, I was done with bagels for another long time. My numbers shot up faster than you could say bagel with cream cheese please. At least you didn't gain. Next week my friend, next week.
    1905 days ago
    OK, quite honestly I'm still wrapping my head around the emaciated velociraptor visual which isn't really coming in clearly. I guess I'll have to get creative with that one!

    Donuts or no donuts, you did good. Beating yourself up over some doughy, gooey deliciousness will get you no where but you already know that. You didn't gain but you didn't lose but you got some long deprived gooeyness. Not bad Ken!

    (quite honestly I was wondering how your week has been (visualize aggressive finger & toe tapping - not simultaneously though of course because I'm blonde :) & you delivered on a good blog - thumbs up to a stellar upcoming week!)
    1906 days ago

    We must be on the same wave length! Last weekend and into the week I ate everything in sight. Had the family over for my son's birthday on Sat, then all the leftovers (snacks, appetizers, deserts) were hanging around. I was home for Monday and Tuesday due to Sandy and continued my bad eating. Because of the weather I did not get outside for my cardio. This Saturday - what was the result? An exact maintain! Freaky!

    As for your donut theory - I think you're on to something there. I'm not a big donut fan (LOVE DD coffee, however), but I do like the pumpkin donuts at Dunkin Donuts. I saw that they came out about a month ago and was wanting one in the worst way. Finally, one day, I ordered a munchkin with my coffee at the drive through. The kid actually put two in the bag for me (being nice, I'm sure, but I was thinking, "Rats, I was trying to be good.") Anyway...I had them both, and now I'm good! Haven't wanted another since. Now, the pumpkin muffin is calling my name....

    Hey, brush it off and welcome the new week. I've made great food choices today and got out both days for a jog/walk this weekend. I'm thinking positive and know I'm going to see a loss on Saturday. How 'bout you, too!?? I challenge you to a loss this week, my friend!
    1906 days ago
    Here's to next week (what is a "hall of a week"?)
    1906 days ago
  • _BABE_
    In case you hadn't noticed I am the Queen of talk so if you need any advice on that front.... emoticon
    1906 days ago
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