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Feeling lost

Sunday, November 04, 2012

For the past few weeks I've been feeling lost. It's like I can't seem to get myself motivated to start moving forward again. Yes, I do want to move forward. I want and need to get myself healthy. Feel like I;m stuck in quick sand, unable to free myself. I need to dig deep within...Remove the road blocks (Not sure what they are??) ...,so I'm looking for some suggestions, possibly some support.

My health conditions do not help. They would be greatly improved if I lost more weight.
I do feel over whelmed by my heath, I am completely out of my comfort zone with medication. I am now on medication for depression. I don't sleep well, I have sleep apnea, and sciatica pain at night. Ra is active, Fibro leaves me in a fog. These are just a few of my health issues.

I really hope that someone can offer some suggestions. They are very much appreciated.
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    My suggestion is that you continue to blog and/or journal in order to stay in touch with where you're at, and see where you are making progress :)
    1840 days ago
    What am I going to do today to move forward? This questions helps me maintain focus and gives me the option to choose which goal to focus on for the day.
    1842 days ago
    I think all of us grapple with those times that things seem SO hard and it's just difficult to DO. I read your sparkpage, and you've set a lot of goals for yourself. That would be overwhelming for me - so many chances to beat myself up over not doing well. I need successes! You've really made progress on your weight loss, and you are right that continuing on that path WILL help with your other medical issues. Everyone is different in what motivates them, but for me - I'd taper the goals to something realistic but that changes a habit, gets me moving even if it isn't formal exercise, or clear my mind.... like, don't sit on the couch for more than 15 minutes, organize a closet this week - something it is easy to measure and succeed at. It doesn't matter if it is simple or small thing - it's SOMEthing! It's okay to recognize a 'down' cycle - it's great that you just said "I'm overwhelmed" - blogging is a great step to say,. "Okay. that's how I feel. But today, I am going to ______________ despite how I feel". Fill in the blank with something you can accomplish, and go for it.

    On another note, if you are overwhelmed by the meds, make sure you can talk to your doctor openly and honestly about what you are taking and any alternatives that would work better for you. Make yourself a note to call your doctor tomorrow!

    1842 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    I hear you. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that your meds for depression are affecting you because your new to them. They take awhile to adjust to, but if your really feeling out of your element and it doesn't seem to be getting better then I would suggest that you re-consult your doctor and ask for a change of dosage or different kind. My only experience of them is when I had shingles a pain med they prescribed for it was also for depression. It literally knocked me down for 20 hours a day.Since I really didn't need it for the shingles (I didn't really have pain) I stopped taking after 4 days. I've heard other people say that it takes time to get used to but ended up being really helpful. I like to sleep on my side and sometimes it helps to body hug a king size down feather pillow just to keep my upper half of my body from squashing down forward so much that my throat get closed up. Also I have a firm temperpedic pillow that holds my head up straight across and my shoulder tucks in under it. Like laying my head on a shelf. Both of these things really help to keep my throat straight and clear. The permanent solution is of course to lose the weight that is making my neck full which causes me to feel as though my throat is collapsing. According to my husband the snorer, I too, am a snorer. So the sooner I get healthy weight back the better. Just remember that sometimes things all go to pot at once and make you feel like crap but that doesn't mean it won't get better cause it will. Research as much as you can about your issues and start applying what you can in other ways. These things do help. Try to walk and drink water for starters. Good luck. emoticon
    1842 days ago
    Go back to what started you on the road to weight loss. Then take small steps getting bigger as the weeks go on.

    1842 days ago
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