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Drugs and Alcohol - 30 Day Blog

Saturday, November 03, 2012

3 – Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Well, by drugs, I assume you mean cocaine and marijuana as opposed to medicinal stuff like allergy pills. Well, as a rule, I don’t do it. Not because I never got the chance to try it, but because it never interested me. I don’t like the smell of smoke, so why would I want smoke to go in my body? However, some people seem to be okay with that. I think that if people are responsible with it and realize the health concerns that are associated with it, then they should be okay with it. I would have an age where people could legally smoke/buy it, because by restricting it, you are just causing more issues with people who try to hide it. Seriously, the government would not have as much of an issue if they chose to regulate it more rather than trying to restrict it. I mean, when you were growing up and your parents said “don’t do …” what did you do? You did whatever it was behind their back trying not to get caught. Wouldn’t it save a lot of time and money if we just educated people and then let them make their own choices, no matter how stupid it might seem to us?

The same goes for alcohol. I happen to love having a glass of wine with dinner, and if husband cooks with it, I couldn’t tell you because the alcohol cooks out and you are just left with the flavors. Now, I’m not sure if this is true, and if isn’t, then its just my opinion, but I think the countries in Europe have less of an issue than we do here in the states with underage drinking cause of the lower age limit. Personally, if I have kids and they want to drink, I would have no issues with teaching them how to do it responsibly in my house. My hope is by teaching them about drinking in my house, I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting hammered and in a yucky position on the street.

Please understand that if someone is abusing either drugs or alcohol then yeah, there should totally be consequences, but I think the government goes too far by making it illegal or maybe lowering the age requirement and should maybe focus more on education than banning it.
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