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A Week Off - NOT Awesome

Saturday, November 03, 2012

I did absolutely NO workouts this week. I mean, that was a planned thing. I'd anticipated a full two weeks rest after my half marathon after this rather grueling season of injury and healing and re-injury.

I never imagined how it would feel, though. I hear stories of marathoners who get antsy during taper periods before a race. I never knew why they'd hate a taper...I mean, it's a nice excuse to relax! What's not to love?!

Oy...it's awful. Just awful. And here's another thing. I have learned that it's WAY more difficult for me to keep my eating habits in check when I'm not doing some sort of planned physical activity throughout the week. Granted, I did a hell of a lot of emotional eating this week (serious stuff going down here) and I understand why that has happened. But, it's a lot easier to stay on track when my food is truly fuel for my training. Lesson learned.

I feel so gross. Like I lost so much fitness this week. I know that's absurd and it doesn't fade THAT quickly...but, man...I don't really want to take a break this long again. It was not a smart move for me. Now I have that sluggish feeling that will make it difficult for me to get started again on Monday....even though I'm chomping at the bit, at the same time, to get back into my "normal life". Weird.

So, training schedule has got me doing 5 hours per week for the next month. I've got that scheduled as 2 one-hour spinning classes, 4 days of 30 mins swimming and 2 30-minute strength training sessions per week. THAT'LL be a BIG CHANGE. Haha. Absolutely can't wait. Can you imagine how much better and more energized I'll feel after 2 weeks of that????

Wrench in the works is that I have to travel to Denver next week so I'm "losing" 4 days of my "normal" training. Honestly, I think I'm just gonna pack some Jillian Michaels DVDs in my suitcase, slap them on my laptop a few times next week and call it a day. I'll get a great workout in on Monday morning (fly out on Tuesday) and plan on having an extra long workout on Saturday and something on Sunday. I think I can get 5 hours in that way. It won't be "the usual", but I'll still be getting it done.

Wish me luck. So much harder to motivate when I'm out of town!!! Was so spoiled in Austin with that gorgeous Hilton saltwater pool!
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