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Taking Stock

Saturday, November 03, 2012

I started looking at my Spark Page today. The picture I have of just me was taken just after I moved back to Michigan. I had lost maybe 5-10 pounds at that point. I looked at my weigh tracker and it dawned on me that I have lost 50 pounds all together. I found it hard to believe that I've come that far. My hair is a little shorter now. I like it to look nice, but just don't like to spend much time fiddling with it. I've got more of a variety of clothes than when I came here. Most of what I have, though has been bought on sale or at a resale shop. I like to look nice, but don't see the need to spend a lot of money on designer things. I'm comfortable with what I look like.

When I first came back, my main goal was to find employment. A few hours a day were spent looking for a job or trying to improve my skills. I now realize that my back does limit what I do and how I do it. I fought to get SSI and have finally succeeded. Now I know that I have a certain amount of money coming in every month and this has definitely lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. I can work my temporary jobs to fill in the gaps without doing more damage to my body. (For example, my part time stint at Home Depot left me in definite pain every work day and filled with stress with all that I had to deal with.) My stress level has gone down tremendously.

I now can fill my days with things that I want to do. I am involved with my church more and have made many good friends. I volunteer a couple days a week a couple hours a day. It gets me out and gives me the satisfaction of helping others. I can spend time with my family. My mother is aging and needs a little help every now and then. I can be there for her. My niece has her driver's permit. I can spend time with her and take her out to get some practice. I surprised myself by not being too nervous on this one. But I did go and thank my mom after the first time and told her thank you for taking out me and my siblings.

If someone would have told me two years ago that I'd be at this stage in my life right now, I probably wouldn't have believed them. It's got me wondering what the next year will bring into my life.
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