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Update on the Dr. Visit

Friday, November 02, 2012

So, things did not go as planned yesterday. I was pretty angry, but today, I'm calmer about everything. I showed up to see the new ortho about my feet at 2:00, a whole 30 minutes early, only to find out that they didn't have my appt on file. emoticon Just as a long shot, I decided to ask if the appointment was under my maiden name--sure enough it was, right along with my phone number and address from 2.5 years ago. Lovely. emoticon So, when they called me at the number they had on file to let me know my appointment had been moved up to 12:15, I obviously didn't get the message, but some random person in Oklahoma who now has my private medical information! Needless to say, I told them that it was irresponsible on their part to not double-check those things when MY doctor called to make the appointment for me and told me all was good to go. I don't know...I worked in customer service, hotel management, AND extensively in the medical field and I don't remember ever making an error such as this. I guess I have a stronger work ethic than most young people these days.

So, I called my regular doc to see if they could go ahead and get me in yesterday instead of today. When they tried to tell me they were booked, I reminded them that someone had made this mistake and caused my husband and I to needlessly take 4 hours each of sick time for the appointment we missed due to theirs and the ortho office's mistake. Needless to say, I got in. I'm not a picky pushy person, but I don't stand for inefficiency, laziness, or poor attitudes--particularly in fields or professions in which I have mastered proficiency!

Ok, off my soapbox! My appointment with my regular physician went alright, although I still do not feel as though he was listening to me. Ok. I'm going to say it outright here on sparkpeople, because I know the kind hearts that are out there will not judge me! I mentioned to my doctor that I had removed myself from birth control. My husband and I are not necessarily trying to conceive, but we are also no longer protecting against it. We have been married a year and a half, are getting older, and we feel that when and if the Lord is ready, then so are we--at least emotionally! Who is ever ready financially, or physically, or whatever else? I don't know! That being said, I informed my doctor of this early in the appointment. I told him we quit smoking 9 months ago, have completely turned our diet around and we exercise on a regular basis. I mentioned that I am stagnant in my weight loss, but that I FEEL so much better, and asked him if I could be removed from my blood pressure meds, but consider other options for the headaches.

Ok. Synopsis: overweight female in her late 20's, quit smoking 9 months ago, making every attempt to lose weight, and successfully lowering blood pressure naturally (October 21,2011 Blood Pressure: 164/108. October 31, 2012 Blood Pressure: 118/69) still suffering headaches. Off birth control and wishing to be released from BP meds. Pretty simple right? So, in good news, he agreed to take me off that BP med!!! emoticon He also ordered a blood test work up and told me he was going to try something different for my headaches. FINALLY he said the words I have been longing to hear: "Let's get you on a PREVENTIVE migraine medicine." I was so thrilled!

So, I get home and of course, after learning my lesson from the other meds--BP meds were the cause of my weight loss stagnancy btw because they slow metabolism. I guess between me quitting smoking and being on a pill that slows down my metabolism, it's a wonder I just maintained my weight! So, everything my husband and I were reading said that this stuff is GREAT for migraine prevention. But you know those ridiculous commercials you see: "Runny Nose? Try alekuroaeijufaleknmflekwiuroie
wjfkldflijmjaolieurj!!! Some patients reported the following side effects [and then they rattle em off quickly so you feel a little lost] highbloodpressurelossofvisiond
ssoftheuseofeyelids. emoticon You know. We have all heard the gimmicks! So, that's kinda how this drug was! It's also used to treat epilepsy. Possible side effects listed include but are not limited to: dizziness, drowsiness (well that's good since I have been an insomniac), dramatic weight loss (something my doc thought would be pretty awesome, and I did to at first), loss of concentration, slowed thinking, psychotic/suicidal tendencies, emoticon and severe birth defects. Also, don't stop taking this drug instantly or you will have seizures. WHAT?!!! Ok. I'm just wondering, why would my doctor prescribe this medication to someone who could potentially become pregnant?!

Ya'll, I know doctors are busy people, but come on! Let's use a little common sense! If you put a jar of mayonnaise out on your countertop Monday morning and left it sitting out all week, would you make a sandwich with it for lunch today?! I guess if you wanna have a fun-filled weekend in Toiletville, then sure! emoticon I don't know, I'm just perplexed. I even talked with a pharmacist about it and he said that NONE of the migraine pills are safe for women who may become pregnant. Ok, so even though I'm not really trying to have a baby, I think I still KINDA fit into that category. I know I probably sound a little bitter, but it's just frustrating. So, I have made a decision about my health. The doc gave me the go ahead to can the blood pressure meds. The migraine prevention med is not a requirement; he has already conceded with the fact that I have naturally brought down my BP to a stable healthy level. I'm going to see about doing this thing on my own. So, here is my plan of action:

*Take one week to step off of BP meds...just like he told me to! Bask in my newfound lower blood pressure! emoticon
*Continue to eat meals rich in nutrients; let's make it as clean and natural as possible continuing to avoid high sodium (wanna keep the BP in check). emoticon emoticon emoticon
*Continue to get at least 3-4 days of exercise each week, and more if I can squeeze it in! emoticon
*Hey, he did give me advice on a natural sleep aid, and it worked last night. Let's keep trying to get that sleep requirement in each night. emoticon
*Find a way to cut out some of the intense lighting in my office (polarized glasses were even a recommendation I got). emoticon This could be the cause of the migraines? Or at least a contributor?
*Keep it in the low stress zone.... emoticon
*Most importantly, PRAY that my healing is natural, safe, and pure. emoticon

I know I am a changed woman! I went in to make my lunch today and decided to have fruit, a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread of course and ......what to drink. Trying to avoid the extra caffeine. I see a little old caffeine-free soda that's been in there for a long while just begging for me to drink it. Nope. I got my cup and filled it with non-fat milk. I'm so proud of me for doing that y'all! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

As always, thanks for all of your love, support, encouragement, just everything! I seriously couldn't do this alone! Y'all are emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon and happy weekend!!! emoticon
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BETHS60 11/5/2012 11:29AM

    I so agree with you on the side effects of these medications. They are so overwhelming. Thanks for the laugh - paralysis of the left leg, temporary loss of the use of eyelids made me giggle. (I hope you made those up!) I am trying to avoid medications all together whenever possible.

Congrats on quitting smoking and turning your diet around. emoticon

By the way, if you stop using birth control, you ARE planning to become pregnant (unless you stop doing certain things known to cause pregnancy). 90% of couples do within a year. Don't kid yourself (Pun!). You are right to take all those precautions with the medicine.

Best of luck.

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_LINDA 11/3/2012 8:54PM

    Very good news! Its awesome to hear you taking charge of your health and its care!
That was bad of that office not to get your current stats. Every single visit to any of my health professionals, even if I only saw them a month ago -they always ask if my phone number and address are correct.
That is a real shame about the migraine medicine :(( Its true that pharmacists know way more about medicines and should be consulted rather than Dr.'s Pharmacists have to go through five years of training here before they get their degree, whereas Dr.'s just take one course on medicines. Who are you going to trust with the most knowledge?? At least you are getting off the BP meds!!
Well done avoiding the temptation of soda!!
Sounds like you got this!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon

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DATMAMA4 11/3/2012 1:02PM

    Wow. I don't blame you for being completely frustrated with your doctor. As far as going off the Pill, I remember when my hubby and I made that choice. Like you, we were not trying to conceive, but we were also finally at the point where we left it in the Lord's hands and figured He could prevent it if the time wasn't right, without the chemical side effects.

I'm guessing your doctor put you on Topamax or something of our children was on it for seizures, but our nurses told us it was used for migraines in non-epileptic people. I'm guessing the warnings about having seizures if you stop taking it are more for the people who are using it for seizure control, rather than for migraines. Either way, though, your doctor should have been hyper-aware of the birth defects warning, and made you aware. I love pharmacists for that type of information.

For what it's worth, I think you're doing the right thing with trying out dietary changes and exercise first. That, along with enough sleep, will help a multitude of bodily problems, and will aid your body in the healing it needs. If you still need medicinal help later on, that's always an option, but it's always a better idea to try natural means first.

I'll be praying!

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KBRADFORD88 11/2/2012 5:49PM

    So glad you had some good news. I have been on the short end of the stick with many a Dr. They mostly mean well, but they treat symptoms and do not know as much as the pharmacist. My husband was so sick and almost at the point of needing a blood transfusion. Tired an miserable. His colitis medicine come to find out cause low iron and low B vitamin. One tiny folic pill later and an iron pill, he was like a new person. When we asked if his diet could be effecting his colitis, we were told nah... It was infuriating. Same thing with me..depression, migraines, and reflux like symptoms with more and more and more medicine. I finally saw a naturalist and started bio-feedback. I do take vitamins but with zero side effects. Sounds like you are taking your health into your hands. Good job!

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