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Friday, November 02, 2012

Today I go for a walk up Primrose Hill and then down through Regent's Park. When I set off from home it is cloudless blue sky but of course by the time I get to the top of Primrose Hill, the weather is reconsidering its options.

Primrose Hill is much loved by Londoners, because you can see the whole of the centre of London from it.

There's a belvedere at the top, with a line of poetry from William Blake:

‘I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill’.

I have never noticed this before which I think is odd, as I am a bit of a fan of William (he wrote 'Tyger, tyger, burning bright/In the forests of the night'), but when I had a look on the net, it turns out this was only added this year.

William would have liked some of the clouds I saw up there:

Though I think this one is more Constable:

And that one is probably Turner:

I walk down, cross the road by the zoo, go over the canal and into Regent's Park.

We've been here together before haven't we? It's definitely autumn now, the trees are turning and most of the flowers have gone.

There are loads of people about as it's a nice day and not too cold.

I've got iPod with me and I keep stopping to take photos and wandering off on little tracks to look at plants and birds. The gulls are very funny as they keep squabbling over the posts, so one gull dislodges another, and that one flies to the next post and dislodges the gull on that one so it's like musical chairs.

The tower in the photo is the minaret on St John's Wood mosque. You can't see the dome because of all the trees, but it's shiny and gold and gorgeous.

Drop by the cafe for lunch. There's a bit with a 'please wait to be seated' sign up, clearly for people who don't want to mix with the hoi polloi, and with just two people in. And the other bit, which is self service, with 20 people in. I'm hoi polloi, myself, I have never had what you'd call class. Wouldn't know it if it bit me in the ankle.

I get some BNS soup and bread and pat myself on the back mentally. A year ago I would have had the soup, the bread, some sandwiches, a cake and a fizzy drink. Main reason for having the soup is the sandwiches all have mayo or cheese in and I think the soup's the least calories, though the bread is a huge piece. Still, better than spending calories on cheap mayo. The soup's lovely too.

So that's lunch and afterwards I wander off to the bus stop to go home.
Just before I get to the gate, I cross the water again and there is a heron right by the bridge, very unbothered by all the people. I love the frowny look that the black stripe on their head gives herons.

And then another one, right by the gate!

I have managed to put in about four miles altogether.

That's not it for today though. I was due to go to the gym yesterday and today and didn't go yesterday because I was feeling ill, so have to go today. So by 4pm I'm on the treadmill at the gym. 40 minutes' cardio and a few weights. While on the elliptical wossname I become increasingly aware that I really must buy:
some everyday bras that fit
a sports bra

I can feel things shifting about, you know.

So today I walked four miles AND went to the gym. They are right about exercise being addictive.

I'll tell you something else. Once I've had dinner I'll be feeling rested enough to walk another four miles. Fortunately it's dark now.

I don't want to overdo it.

That's because I'm planning on Epping Forest again tomorrow.
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