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Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's a weird thing about tracking your food.

You do really start noticing things about how and what you eat a lot more. Things you might just have been in denial about. Never mind the fact that I hardly eat protein if left to myself (typical carb addict), other weird things have come to light.

While I like the idea and look of huge platefuls of food, even if I prepare a big meal, I can't usually finish it these days, even if it's mostly veg (I like my veg, always have).

My issue is not however my meals and the size of them. The issue is that my actual MEALS don't use up that many calories. But the things I eat between meals, the extracurricular food excursions . . . well I am quite capable of eating twice as many calories in nibbles as in 'proper' food. Interesting because I have never ever thought of crisps, chocolate, salted nuts, sweets, cakes etc as food.

I used to think this was a positive, but now I'm not sure it is.

Why? Because things I don't think of as food don't enter my consciousness as a source of calories. Even now I have to make a mental note 'you ate some chocolate today, don't forget to track it' else I will forget it. It's as if I think 'it's not real food so it doesn't count.'

Well it doesn't count in terms of nutrition but it does in terms of spare tyres.

How did I manage to ignore this personal blind spot for so long?
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