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Thursday, November 01, 2012

A few weeks ago I started implementing some rules, the idea of which is to help me stay on track without using the nutrition tracker every day. I will always go back to tracking for a couple of days every now and then, just to prevent creep with portions etc. This week things have gone bad, I really think that there are a number of causes, but the main thing is too much too soon. I approached the whole thing knowing I can do it – and I still know that, but I know it’s not going to happen as quick as I wanted. So if it takes me 6 months to wean myself of the tracker then so be it. Progress is progress no matter how slow, right?

Avoiding sweets everyday for 5 days too much too soon:
I was aiming for 2 days per week sugar free and completely clean eating, maybe upping it to 5 in one go was a bit of an ask. So As of Monday, I’m going back to 2 days, the following week 3 days… you get the picture. I only want to take it up to 5 days maximum and ideally I want to be close to that before Christmas to help avoid overindulgances. But if I feel I need to wait an extra week before increasing the days that’s ok. Direction not speed.

Not a real Sparker without tracking:
This is something I read about in ROOSTER72’s blog today and I realized that it has been something sitting in the back of my mind adding to this. It’s everywhere that tracking is what gets the weight off and keeps it off. That’s why I’m trying to find other ways to track without tracking but still this is something I need to be aware of. I don’t want to track for the rest of my life, it’s not sustainable. I do want to continue using Sparkpeople indefinitely though.

Not enough water
At one time this was the one thing I always managed to do, but somehow I get distracted to the point of only getting 2-4 glasses most days. I blame Amelia for being too cute and playful! I just need to pay a little more attention to this.

Hungry all the time
I’m not talking mouth hunger I mean stomach growling hunger. I really think this is the signal that I have reached a good weight for me. I have increased my calorie goal by another 100 this week to 1910, I’m now trying to find my maintenance calories and hold my weight consistent. I can’t see it taking too long because I already eat a fair amount of calories, but I weigh every two weeks, so it’ll be two weeks between every calorie increase/decrease. I would rather stick with the two weeks because it helps avoid fluctuations being mistaken for gains/losses and I can avoid the scale when TOM shows up.
Need to cook/plan tomorrows food today
This is something that has not only helped me to keep track of what I’m eating but keep the food bills down too. My morning routine usually starts with feeding Amelia, exercise bike and a few ST exercises, empty dishwasher with Amelia whizzing around in the walker, cook porridge oats for the next day. Then late afternoon I cook the dinner for the evening and lunch for tomorrow. This week I’ve been feeling quite flat and only got half of my routine done, the house is a bit of mess and I’ve let things get on top of me. Bit by bit I’m getting things back to normal and hoping to baby proof along the way. Amelia’s only 6 and ½ month but she already trying to pull herself up on anything she can reach! The living room must be baby proof by Monday, there are too many interesting things piled up on my coffee table and it looks awful too!

Need to figure out how many meals/snacks a day works for me
I was eating breakfast, two lunches, and dinner along with a few snacks and a bowl of cocoa custard (no sugar) in the evenings. I changed that to one lunch and more snacks this week, because it’s difficult sometimes to get to eat so often, especially when I’m out and about. But this could be one reason I’;ve been so hungry. Maybe I need really frequent meals rather than bigger meals less often. As of Monday I’ll be going back to the extra lunch.

Need to take a few steps back to go forward
The reality is I’ve taken probably more than a few steps back this week, I’ve learned a lot from them and I’m still learning more from them. Time to take the steps forward now and not worry about what this week has done for me or my weight. The only problem I have is that it’ll probably be Monday before I really get back on track. Today I have to go to the dentist, a tooth broke in half last night, I thought there was a hard lump in my food but later realized it was half of my tooth! So today is unlikelty to be a great food day, soft foods only and then skipping a meal or two while things go back to normal. Tomorrow I have to go to visit family, not one visit either, a full day of in and out of the car to visit various Aunts and Uncles who are complaining that I haven’t brought the baby up to see them, apart from one Aunt and Uncle who are unwell and don’t have a car I really don’t want to go. If they want to see Amelia then they can come to see me (none of them have ever been to my house ever – I know it shouldn’t be tit for tat) the only reason I have agreed is because my mum and dad really want to show off Amelia to their brothers and sisters and I don’t want to deny them that pleasure. Weekends are always slightly off pattern, so while I’ll do my best to eat well I can’t really get going with things until Monday, we’ll call the weekend a warmup!

Laugh in the face of temptation, avoiding trigger foods when they are near.
Seriously this has got harder the closer to maintenance I’ve got, maybe it’s because my calories are not so critical now and that little devil on my shoulder is saying ‘one little bit won’t hurt!’. This one needs work, I’m not sure if I should train myself mentally to resist or if I should continue to keep trigger foods out of the house. Probably a bit of both, I can’t avoid being in the same room as peanut butter my whole life even if I can keep it out of my house!

Conclusion, I am officially at goal weight even though I’ve changed my goal. I need to work out my tolerances now, and a scream weight. Last weigh in I was 124.4lbs, so preliminary numbers:
Scream weight 130
Low weight 122
High weight 126
I’ll see how that pans out over time, I may have to adjust as time goes on but one thing I have learned lately is that moving the goal posts isn’t always a bad thing!
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    I would have to disagree on the point of not being a real Sparker if you're not tracking. I've been a Sparker for almost two years now, and I very rarely track my food. That's just not the way I do things and never have. For the first few months I was here, I tracked just because I thought I was supposed to, but I only tracked after I'd eaten for the day, and was always just happy if my intuitive eating led me to being right in range anyway. For months I didn' even realize my range was set to lose only 2/3rds of a pound per week. I was losing faster than that. And every time I"ve started tracking meticulously, the scale has stopped moving. It just doesn't work for me.

    On the other hand, Spark has been fantastic for support, for seeing fitness patterns and other patterns, and getting advice when I need it. I've met tons of fabulous people, and a lot of local friends as well. It's been great, just not for the tracking. :D
    1867 days ago
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