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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today the goblins and ghoulies were not knocking on my door, but my inner goblin took over for a while. I had a, shall we say, candy malfunction?

And it wasn't even just today. I've had two sorta awful days, foodwise. Yesterday I bought one small bag of fun-size Snickers. We only have a few little ones on our street and we rarely get more than a kid or two on Halloween, so I figured that would work well.

It did not. Between me, my fiance and my son, the bag was gone before Halloween morning. So my fiance went out this morning and came home with three (!) bags of candy. I wouldn't exactly say he's enabling me (I'm the one who ate the stuff; he didn't offer it), but there it was calling to me.

I ate about a third of that first bag of Snickers yesterday and had another two Snickers bars and a bunch of little Hershey bars today before I pulled myself together. It was definitely a mini-binge and had all the signs of one: I was sneaking the candy into my pocket and eating it furtively so no one would see. And I was not liking myself while I was doing it. You know what made me stop? SparkPeople. I came here and started reading threads in the "Panic Button" section on the message boards. And then I exercised and drank a bunch of water, which just turned my bad attitude around.

I'm not writing this to beat myself up, even though I was too ashamed to start a panic thread myself. I just want to understand why I did it. Even as I was eating the candy, I was not really enjoying it. Overall It was sort of an ugly, guilty experience. And I honestly believe that sugar is addictive in forms like candy bars. I've been reading David Kessler's book "The End of Overeating," and he talks at length about the addictive qualities of combinations of sugar, fat and salt.

I need to figure this out and pretty soon because Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I can't live in a vacuum without candy or ice cream around or any number of foods that I need to mostly avoid.

Maybe it's emotional eating and I need to consider what else was going on with me the past few days. How do you, my Sparked friends, deal with these episodes? I'm just glad this place is here for me because I think without it, I might have eaten way more junk food.


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  • LJOYCE55
    Honestly, I don't really have an answer since the unthinking binge is my biggest obstacle. I have successfully tried the stop-think-stop-drink water-stop-walk away, but sometimes this does not work either. I am hoping this is just a bad habit that I can unlearn over the course of the next year. I wish you luck.
    1940 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    As a confirmed Chocoholic, I can relate to what you are saying. I have to keep chocolate like the Halloween candy out of site and keep my mind on other things. If I drink more water or some tea I can usually get through. I keep three dark chocolate Lindor truffles in the fridge at all time. Three is 210 calories and usually I can stop at one if they are hard from the cold and melt slowly in my mouth. I have found if I don't allow emoticon myself chocolate it will turn into a binge when I get some.
    1941 days ago
  • SHARA53
    Thanks Julie. I spent some time today reading about binge eating, and I think I have not been eating enough during the day and it's making me want more at night. Today I made a smoothie with a cup of chocolate coconut milk and some canned pumpkin and spices and it was delicious and a frozen treat, so that was a filling healthy snack. I just have to keep working at it a day at a time!

    I'll just emoticon
    1941 days ago
    Well i just try to figure out what a safe limit is but if their is no safe limit then i hate to say this but you might have to lock it up some place where you don't have a key but your finace and child can get to it but you can't. Or you could play a game like i do with ice cream that i really like and tell myself it is ice cream i don't like and that seems to work. I hope this helps.
    1941 days ago
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