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Best kept secret weapon...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sorry, no big revelatory message today. Just a mild epiphany or sorts, if you will.

I had stark moment of clarity this morning while sitting on the toilet (don't be horrified--it's where some of the best thinking gets done--LOL). I was thinking back to my periods of past weight loss, looking for the common denominator and WHY I had been successful. I came to ONE very simple realization--I was utterly relentless in my drive, determination and most importantly, my DESIRE to change--to be healthier. Notice I did not say "skinnier" as that is just a by-product. However, in my overarching desire to be FITTER, to be able to leap several stairs in a single bound without breathing heavy, to eat healthy, to get better sleep, to be strong, to see my muscles pop, to look better clothed AND feel good nekkid, I lost weight--and I did it one day at time making what may have appeared to be small, insignificant decisions that all added up to one BIG lifestyle change.

I may have climbed on and off the weight loss rollercoaster on occasion but I know what needs to be done--cuz I've DONE it. And I can do that again--take small steps everyday that lead to a better, healthier, cuter ME-- again and again and aGAIN.


After all--my best kept secret weapon is, well, me!

Let's see how we can make it the best. day. ever. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that...Until. And during those "in-between" periods when we might not get it "right" all the time, let's just decide to love and treat ourselves gently, shall we?

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