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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All the Bikram, all the time. I finished my 30 day challenge last night.

If you'd like to read my recaps, check out my other blog.

I'm so glad that I completed that challenge. It was difficult; one of the hardest things I've ever done - and I did it for myself.

I couldn't be more proud. Or more relieved that it's over!

Last night, I did a double to complete my challenge and when the instructor recognized me in front of the class and gave me my medal, I cried a little. (Of course - I cry at everything).

Now that I'm done with my challenge, my body has decided to give me a big EFF YOU and I am now sick, exhausted, and sore. And to be honest, a littttttle bummed I'm not in class tonight, but I'm also thrilled to have the break.

I think my butt looks better - I'll take a picture of that when I'm feeling better emoticon.

I'll weigh in and measure tomorrow or Thursday; but to be honest, I don't particularly care. I'm so thrilled that I accomplished this that nothing else matters. As soon as I'm well again, I will be starting half marathon training. I'm three weeks behind but I think Bikram has kept my cardio endurance and leg strength up enough to pick up next week.

I quit vicodin during the Bikram challenge. I only smoke very occasionally socially. I don't drink alone during the week or even on the weekends. I replaced bad coping mechanisms with going to yoga, and that's a great accomplishment.

My personal life is complicated - I'm still seeing Mr Chef and I met someone new also (this is within the "rules" of the thing with Mr Chef) - and I'm trying to find balance in this situation as well. I like Mr Chef, our "thing" isn't going anywhere, but I can't give him up. I'm not even sure I like the other person as much, but it's hard to tell when your heart's somewhere else I guess.

Basically, I'm fine, I'm better than fine - I'm great. But today, I am sick and I am tired. Work has been crazy so I haven't been able to keep up on SP like I usually do (bad employee, I know). I'm thinking of y'all but haven't read up on any of you because Life.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support and checking in on my butt and my challenge. I did it!
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