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Day 11 - 29th October 2012 - Am I not pretty enough?

Monday, October 29, 2012

My daily note

The Halloween party was alot of fun, it was good there wasn't too many things to over indulge with, i kept within my range, it was just alot of dancing and watching movies. We watched Scooby Doo and Dark Shadows. Both good movies. Still issues with the internet so a internet specialist is coming tomorrow to check, hopefully it doesn't cost anything. I was talking with a friend i work with, how so often people come into the ER from a stroke from undetected high blood pressure, its quiet alarming how many people actually ignore this, More people need to be aware on how serious high blood pressure is, unlike other causes and diseases its one of those people just do not get enough word about or know much about it, so they think most of time it will go away. I wish in future to have a day of this awareness. As high blood pressure does kill if untreated.


October Goals

So i pretty much have watched my 2 movies last night, but tonight i watched another one , i bought the snow white and her huntsman on blue ray, rather fun movie. Although i did find the step mother too look more fairer than snow white lol, unless she looked like an old witch, I always hated that type of hair cut the brother had, i could never date a guy with such haircut either, he would have to cut it to a normal cut or even style it for me lol. I have been tracking well and blogging my daily thing. If i do get a day out of internet i will try and catch up the next available day.


Sparkpeople plan

I had a look at smart substitution for carbohydrates. Here is a good article :

It says i should choose more often: whole grain products.

like breads, cereals, crackers, pancakes, muffins, bagels, pasta, brown rice, oats, bulgur, vegetables and fruits, legumes, low fat dairy products

So i will be doing that.


Today GOYBAD is : Am I not pretty enough? by Kasey Chambers

My self - esteem, today i felt quit low, so i can really relate to this song, although its quiet up picking with words like :

"I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me,
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break,
I crave, I love, I’ve waited long enough,
I try as hard as I can."

Being big we do get ridiculed over our weight , even though sometimes we may not realise it, But deep down we are like everyone else, we breath, we sleep, and wake and do everything like a nice figure would do except we have those boundaries which we try as hard as we can to loose it.


Today's Quote:

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

We often in our daily life are surrounded by people who are not supportive in things we want to do, just like what i said about the song i choose today, we have to break those words and do what things pleases you, I am not going to let people continue to ridicule me when i go out or when i go into a clothing store, i am going to try hard and loose this weight, i will continue with my zumba and my walks and drop that weight.
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    thanks for the comments
    1700 days ago
    People can be cruel and critical to us. It does hurt and upset. But hold your head up high, have a confident smile, and walk like you own the world. They can't handle that! They most of the time will back off. If they stare. Stare back with a lovely confident smile. They will either smile back or turn their head away. Yes you are right. We are still people and we are the same person inside, whether skinny or over weight. I have seen skinny beautiful people who had rotten attitudes and were mean spirited. Not very pretty on the inside. So don't let them bother you. Just breath and live for that day. You know who you are inside. The outside just takes some time to get under control. I have heard a saying that is said when someone is insulting to us about our weight. "I might be fat, but you are ugly. I can lose weight." When people are ugly on the inside, most of the time they don't want to change. We can lose weight and have our lovely inside part, too. So cheer up and look up. You have a lot to be thankful for. You can lose the weight. It isn't easy. Sometimes it is just right down hard. I want to encourage you! When I started out a year ago. I had 189 pounds to lose. It was overwhelming to just think about, must less figuring out how to get started. I am 109 pounds down and have 80 more to go. I am not afraid anymore about how I am going to lose the weight. One note that is important to mention about my weight lose. I am a Christian. I came to realize that this part of my life had to be turned over to the LORD. I have lean on GOD for help and guidance. Every resource I have needed HE has provided. I remember to be obedient to the LORD when I start to carve something I don't need or if I don't want to exercise, I remember my body is not my own, but belongs to HIM. So I have to respect my body and take good care of it. Results speak for themselves. My health is improving, too. Never been happier. Just wanted to share this. I know you will have good success. You have a lovely attitude and a good determination. Just remember respect your body and take care of it.
    1701 days ago
    thanks for the comments
    1701 days ago
    Love the song.
    1701 days ago
    Have a great day!
    1701 days ago
    thanks for the comments
    1701 days ago
  • STACYR31
    Don't pay any attention to those people that ridicule you. People can be so harsh and cruel! I know that you can do it! emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Your song speaks to me also. We do try as hard as we can. Not everyone gets that - but you and I do. I'm glad we are on this journey together. Thanks for the helpful reminders. emoticon
    1701 days ago
    Yes, let the nay sayers say nay. We can do it! emoticon
    1701 days ago
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