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Doing really good so far...

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Monday, October 29, 2012

. So far this week, I have really brought my A game. Not totally sure how, but i think i had something dialed in nutritionally. I had a ton of energy after my 2 12 hr shifts where i went running after both shifts. Although i did increase my carb intake a little, said changes were made too early in the day to make any significant difference 10 hours later.

I checked my training log and according to that I pr'd my 5k time on my first run.. 1st mile run was 11min flat then 5k was 38:22, 4 mile mark was 50 min....after a 12 hr shift. For me, that is a non scale still a big guy. Second night was just a light and easy 5k, no watch this time.

Temperature may have played a part. It was about 30 and i have a tendency to heat up so the cooler temps may have kept me from overheating...

Later last week i had a minor crash and burn. I was suffering from what felt like the usual 3pm after work 'hangover'. This time i decided to test myself to see what the deal was since it seems to happen at that time alot...blood sugar was 75...hmmm ok i get it. At least now i know to reach for a banana rather than the 100th cup of black coffee.

Im really feeling the momentum that i have been slowly building. Between now and Dec 31st is going to be the big push. Working with a trainer 3x per week, swimming, and intense focus on nutrition.

Its hard to describe but anyone reading this who has lost a significant amount of weight knows exactly what Im saying about 'the sixth sense'. You just seem to 'know' when you are about to have a loss and when your body is firing on all 8 cylinders. Everything just seems to be tuned into balance. If i maintain my present focus, there is no telling what will happen in the next few months.

I have learned on this journey that it is all about creating the environment for change. Thats all you can do, all that you have control over. Just like going into a hospital for get treated for an ailment. All anyone can do is create the environment for healing to take place, maintain that environment, then let the body heal itself on its own timeclock.

Thats why i feel it is almost a waste of time to say i will lose XX pounds by XX date any more than one can force a rose to bloom. The only control is in the environment that we create for the process to happen. Success is the product that is produced when one discovers the environment that creates change and then maintains it long term. Far too many times i have tried to 'fix' it by pulling out a bigger hammer. All i did was break something.

Like the rose, i am creating the environment for the bud to bloom, now its time to maintain the environment and just let it unfold.

I have never seen consistent effort go unrewarded.

The goal has always been to lead our bodies beside the still waters, not beat it into submission when the results do not match our media driven expectations.

My weight loss has more or less followed a downward trend long term but on a month to month basis has looked more like a stock market graph.

I dont pay any attention to fluctuations any more. They always result in feathering back down after a week anyway so why should i stress about it?

Until next time..

Stay focused, follow excellence and not perfection, do what you know to do, and i'll see you in the winners circle.

Lets do this.
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