Changing the Meaning of my "Me Time"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I recently read a blog that completely rocked my world. Rocked it to the core. It gave me an entirely new perspective. It spoke truth to me, truth that I've never heard before, but desperately needed to hear.

It was about 'me time' Sounds simple enough. We've all heard that 'me time' is great and wonderful. Ever mother should get me time, to calm and recharge. Who can give more to other is there's nothing to give? Right?

Yes, but there's difference.

It's kind of like eating. Not all calories are created equal. If you eat crap all day you will feel like crap. But if you fill up on healthy, whole foods you will feel healthy and whole! Ever notice how empty calories make you feel just that... empty. Longing for more. Guilty for what you just ate. Bummer that you couldn't do better. But those treats are still calling you from the kitchen. (Come on, I'm not only one that has food talk to them, am I?)

This is like what traditional 'me time' does. I might get 30 minutes to myself, then I'm slapped back to reality. There are still dishes to be done, and diapers to change. Kids are still screaming and the laundry is still piling. So many times my 'me time' has just left me empty and longing for more.

Then, I read this blog, by Amy from Raising Arrows:

So, I am now changing my 'Me Time' into 'Him Time'. Only God can fill that hole. Only God can recharge my spirit. He brings me peace, He brings me comfort, He brings me strength! God is the one who has called me to be a stay at home mother that homeschools. He along has put me into this position, and He will provide ALL of my needs. That includes rest, comfort, recharging, energy. Everyone needs a break. But what we fill ourselves with will determine how we feel afterwards.
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