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Doing something really wrong

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ugh this month has been no good. One thing leads to another and I am up 5 lbs! Not like a fluke either more like for 4 days straight. I need to be consistant. Having 1 1500 calorie day followed by 3 2300 calorie days is not gonna work. My husband is leaving on a business trip and I am gonna work to be constant while he is gone. No eating out. No late night grocery shopping where I grab a 3 serving bag of trail mix on my way out when if I would have stopped eating before that, the day would have been perfect. It's like my body knows its getting cool outside and starting to gain for the holidays already. I have no excuse. I didn't buy halloween candy and I am not gonna. I have no kids so that should not be an excuse. This is one holiday that is not my burden and if this is kicking my arse, yikes! I know they say you shouldn't talk to yourself like you wont talk to a friend. But sometimes friends need honestly too and ummm Julie you have been a screw up lately. Why are you wondering why your 5 lbs up? I feel like I need my big gym membership back. Running, walking the dogs, biking very slightly and lifting is not really doing it. I need my zumba and water aerobics. If nothing else it fills my evenings better with something different than coming home after work and sitting around feeling the need to eat garbage. Or 2 bowls of cereal before bed. I am not ready to go back yet and my freeze isn't up yet. I can make it 1 more month.

I donno if I wrote about this woman at work before. Her husband entered into hospice a month ago. I see her when I am working coming in and she is always on the verge of crying. He passed away a few days ago and I saw her yesterday. I didn't wanna say anything, poor thing looked so sad. She was wearing his wedding band on her necklace. My coworker who is single told me "I am not afraid of dieing alone, I am more afraid of finding someone perfect and losing them". It's terrible losing someone but think of all the time they got to spend with eachother and the children they created, she will always have that. Even if my husband can be annoying. I am already dreading him leaving tonight for his trip. All the things we do together that I will miss. Walking the dogs together each night. Cooking for someone and sharing the meal together. I would never make a very good single person. I have a feeling I will be calling my mom a lot this week.

Here is where I left off with my photos.

Day 39: What number recycling is this white thing?

Day 40: I have been cooking up a storm. Yesterday I batch cooked sweet potato soup, tuna salad and made chicken with turnips, fingerlings and carrots and a salad.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I usually have problems at this time of year. Once it's cold me body thinks it's time to eat. I think that holidays that encourage candy eating are kind of counter-intuitive with the obesity epidemic.

    I like my time alone but not 24/7.

    Love recycle kitty. LOL.

    Yum! Your meal looked delicious!!
    1965 days ago
    anytime u need the extra umph send me a email! I'm on quite often again. Hang in there you'll get right back on schedule!!
    1966 days ago
    Sometimes we just need some tough love. You know I know how it is to struggle. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and move on. Try to forget about the bad and focus on the good. Nothing about this journey is easy. We have set backs. The way I know that I'm making progress is when I find the will to get right back on track after having a slip up.
    Your photos are adorable. Love them!
    I always miss my hubby when he goes out of town, so I know how you feel. He'll be back before you know it, though.
    Hang in there, we are all behind you and pulling for you.

    I hope you have a great week!
    1966 days ago
    Hang in there, Julie! You can do it! I agree about the trail mix, it always kills my day when I cave in and buy some! Don't worry about Scott being gone, just try to find something to keep busy and he'll be home before you know it. :)
    1967 days ago
    I wish I knew all the best advice is just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward! Your right what you were doing was not workng..make something yours and OWN it!
    1967 days ago
    Yeah, it's easy to get off track and fall back into old habits and routines. Gotta keep those new routines going - and I always find it easier when DH isn't around!
    1967 days ago
    Hang in there
    1967 days ago
    wow you look like an amazing cook!
    1967 days ago
    This month has been tough for me too. I just can't stick to the plan! Ugh.
    1967 days ago
    awe, I hear you, sometimes we have to be tough on ourselves.

    That being said, you KNOW you will never go back there where you were, so don't stress too much. This week will be good for you to focus on getting it right.

    And boy o boy, you got it right with that meal in the photo! yum!!
    1967 days ago
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