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Sunday, October 28, 2012

So I have been trying for a VERY LONG time to get healthy. But I have been in the big circle.
I decide to get healthily and no matter how slow or fast I go I end up sick. I'm down for two weeks and then I lose my momentum. Then after a while I try to come back and the same thing happens. It is worst then yo-yo dieting.

But the truth is out and I need to stop living in denial. I have asthma!!! I am not out of shape. Over weight yes, but not out of shape. I just have asthma. And i have been denying it. I have not been treating it and now it is obvious i can no longer ignore it!

So two weeks almost three weeks ago after all the other health issues I decided to go for a full physical. That is when they confirmed yes I have asthma. But I still ignored it. I was told that as I work out to take my inhaler and to work up 5 minutes at a time. And to take a daily 2 times a day so I kind of did. But what then I went and visited my mom who has two cats. One which I am highly allergic too. Usually it does not bother me because he does not live in the whole house just the back. But this trip I went in and even petted the thing. Now usually that would just make my eyes watery. But instead it set off my asthma. But I ignored it. I thought it was just allergies. by the second day. I realized uh I think I am having problems. So i went in got a breathing treatment more meds and was sent home. Then our lovely winds decided to visit. and by yesterday I thought I would be calling 911. But i already had an appointment. One shot, a breathing treatment, and a bag load of drugs later! I finally came to a realization I need to take care of this.
and it made me realize and doc even agreed yesterday that all these times I though I was "getting sick" I really was having an asthma attack. I just shake my head here think what was I thinking!!!!

So I have a long road ahead of me to get my self well know. I am still in the yellow zone. All week long I was in the LOW yellow zone and even red zone quite a bit. After yesterdays treatment and new meds however I am finally at least half way up the yellow zone so I am getting better but not there yet!!!

But when I do get there I am going to be vigilant with this. I have already started! I now have a case I hook on me to carry my meds. (trying to find it in the bottom of my purse or where i left it on a table as you have an attack is very scary! and I realize now this is something I will need everyday!!
I am keeping diligent notes on an ap on my iphone. of how I feel what I am doing and what meds I am taking and when. I hope this will help my doctor find the right treatment for me.

The good news is I have not lost my interest in exercising. I can not wait to get back to the gym!
I am having fun with a new machine I learned. I do not know what it is called by no impact on my knees/ankles. yet I feel like i am running. Well More like flying through the air. It is a great work out however. I am also losing weight. Slowly but it is going down so that is a positive. Especially when you consider who much steroids they have me on and usually that means I gain weight!
I am not sure how much I am going to use sparkpeople how ever. I might see what info they have on asthma. I loved the spark coach but I have no time. And yes getting healthy takes time but I need to figure out what is the best use of my time. I know me I can get too involved, and I need to be sure I use my time wisely.!!

So anyway not sure who even reads my blogs. But It is theraputic for me. And that maybe the biggest use I use for spark people.

I do want a fit bit however. Just trying to decided which one to get. :)
Sorry I am all over the place with random thoughts. But that is probably what you will find here on my blogs!!

Even more random. But I was just thinking of all the stuff I have been through lately. in the last five years. Two surgeries and many other medical issues.. Ulcers, Migrains, ashtma, Breast scares . . . about to days I was feeling really down about all of it. I mean come on. How much can a girl take and I feel like I am young and should not have this many problems!!!
But through all of these things I have saved many of my stuff. I still have my knee walker which I have loaned out 3 times since. One of my best friends currently has it now!
I also have many things left over from my wrist surgery last year.
Well my daughter just walked out and it hit me. That everything happens for a reason.

My daughter broke her arm on Thursday. She actually broke both bones in her left arm above the wrist! What a trooper she has a temporary cast till thursday and I have been able to have her use my pillow that I used for my surgery. I gave it to her to help her sleep but she even uses it for sitting out on the couch while watching tv. I forgot I use to do that too but it sure helps.
And now she was able to take a bath with out worry of it getting wet because I had a bath cast cover. I know we would not have gone out to buy these things (mainly because they were all ordered on line and by the time we got it she would be done. So because Of what I went through I was had stuff to help make my Daughter and best friend's recovery's much easier!!

Weird how life works out....
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    I am glad you have the answer about asthma. My oldest was diagnosed with it 2 years ago, and it was the same thought - oh, he's not getting another cold, he is having an attack. I hope you find a treatment that works quickly. Tell DD that we send her healing hugs. Keep up the motivation and the working out - that is great!
    1816 days ago
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