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Sure Why Not? he says

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"NO REASON to Not buy the new red dress" I say, as another customer looks at me and smiles.
We had stopped by a new store after our nice lunch at Panera's, to look for a little white sweater. I need a way to stretch my clothing budget and wear the new 'summery' clothes for awhile longer. Success, Sweater Found.

BUT while looking, I just HAD to try on the red dress to see what the sweater would look like, RIGHT? Afterall - 'little red dress' has been on my Reward list since my May, Sassy & Sexy by Sixty Birthday.

weel, the Price was right - Fit was perfect - purchase made!!

5 hours later I asked DH if he realized there was a WIDE belt with that dress.
His eyes lit up = he nodded with a smile and I realized the belt was part of the reason he liked it.

Entirely too many years of No Waist - No Belts, in fact he usually critiqued my shopping choices based on the waist/belt feature. Well,

My eyes suddenly teared up as I remembered the day my mother told me I needed to pull down my skirt - it was 'riding up' in the back. My response was, "no mom, it's not riding up - my stomach is pushing down the front". I had no waist.

It is so awesome when DH is part of my NonScaleVictories. This one was sweet, special and awesome. I am just sorry that my mom is not here anymore to share in this victory.
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