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That might come back to bite me on the derriere...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

This morning we had a long run planned, 11 miles, but I figured from the start I wouldn't make it the entire distance. I was recruited by my kids' Principal to do a parent education class on Internet Safety for our kids and sexting and cyberbullying and had to get home and showered by a certain time to make it to the class a little early to try and get the computer set up and see if I could figure it out. I'm pretty comfy around computers, but everyone is a little different and I don't have a LOT of practice with projectors. So, back on point, I didn't have a lot of time this morning and knew I wouldn't get in the full distance, but I HAD to get in at least 6.2 and considering that my knee still wasn't completely happy with me I figured it would be good enough.

This morning was a virtual race we signed up for, the Zombie Dash. I signed up for the 10k option and they had already sent the shirt and the finisher's medal so I had to do it. :)

Got off to a great start and was having a great time. My knee felt great. I felt like I was making a decent pace and I was enjoying my morning :). Then....duh, duh, duh (creepy, suspense sounds)....the zombies nearly had a chance to catch me when my knee suddenly buckled. WTHeck? Just under mile 3 my knee decided it didn't want to do it anymore and just sort of gave up, only for a second and I recovered very quickly, but decided I'd better walk for a bit in any case. Quick check of the tracker on my phone confirmed I'd been making a decent pace, for me, at just barely over 17 minute miles. Also, my first mile is ALWAYS really slow as I warm up. Even though I've already done a great walking warm up it takes me a bit to get up to speed, even though my speed is still not fast :). As I'm walking down the road I could feel the muscle down the inside of my knee and shin complaining. Not too loudly, but complaining just the same. I thought I might be done for the morning and actually planned on getting in 3.1 and calling it quits since my sister's house was just ahead in any case.

As I walked though I found that the knee was relaxing and feeling better. When I got to my sis' I went inside, took a potty break and refilled my water bottle. After all that my knee felt fine, not a twinge, very strange.

At this point the route was supposed to head out of the neighborhood and into the wide world. I decided I would continue on, but repeat the three mile loop I'd just completed so that I wouldn't be too far away if I suddenly had to return. I started out slowly and it wasn't long before my sis doubled back and caught up to me at my current location and we ended up running the rest of the route together. My knee had no further complaints the entire time. Not one twinge, not one buckle, nothing, just happy running. Right at the end of the second three point one miles my sister was long finished with her 10k and just jogging along side or walking and building her miles for the day. Just before I was supposed to finish she turned into a zombie, dragging her foot and moaning and demanding brains. I sped up, just a tiny bit, finished strong and out ran the zombie :).

Then we went inside and enjoyed a nutter butter ghost (nutter butter cookie dipped in white chocolate with little chocolate eyes and mouth). So cute and so yummy!!

My knee felt great even after that. It wasn't until much later today that I could feel it tightening up and now that I've had time to sit and do nothing for a bit it is a little stiff, but feels better once I'm in motion. So, I'm icing and resting and will ice some more tomorrow and see what we have from there. I'm thinking it is going to be just fine and NOT come back to bite me, fingers crossed! In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my new medal and the joy of a great run. Oh, forgot to mention that the second part of the "race" I paced even faster than the first part. Came in with a pace just barely over 16 minutes per mile. My goal pace for the marathon. I was quite pleased that I was able to do that over 3.1!! Great day to run today :)!!
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