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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I go for a walk in central London today looking for photos for the London and southeast team page.

Why is it that I always seem to end up walking down my favourite nommy food streets? Every time I go out, this happens. They are everywhere.

Today I find myself on Marylebone High Street. This street is torture, the worst of the lot, I'm not kidding. I have a look in the window of Rococo chocolates.

So far as I am concerned, chocolate has no finer destination than this shop. The last time I went in (March, to buy a gift, it's not just delicious chocolate, it's expensive too) the person who served me gave me a free chocolate. I protested feebly that I was 'off' chocolate, and she gave me ANOTHER. A dark chocolate, she said. Good for you. Those two chocolates were the start of a ruinous day, I remember it very well.

They were wonderful though. The business is owned by someone called Chantal, what more is there to say?

So I do the nose up against the glass thing and pass on. Look if you really want to torture yourself, the website's here:

I keep going.

Then things get really difficult. Within the space of about 50 metres there's not only an organic deli selling all kinds of things, a Posh fish shop and a branch of Waitrose, there are three (count them) patisseries.

Patisserie Valerie (Italian)

Paul (French)

Bonne Bouche (Italian I think but with a French name)

Time was when I would have had lunch AND a cake in Valerie's and probably dropped into Paul's for more cakes to take home and Bonne Bouche for chocolates.

Now I just get the pictures.

And you can understand why they open shops in London can't you? Nobody in France or Italy EVER puts on weight. I just can't see those mille feuilles selling like hot cakes somewhere like Rome or Paris.

Keep going and get to Oxford Street where there are already Christmas crowds.

Succumb, finally, to six roasted chestnuts. 102 calories but a must-do at this time of year.

At least they are 'proper' food. More or less.
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