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Friday, October 26, 2012

I don't do Hallowe'en

Too scary for me.

Years ago when I was at uni, I lived in a shared house with some friends, and one Hallowe'en we watched the film 'Hallowe'en' on telly. Well, I should have known better. I am one of the persons of a nervous disposition who are always warned to switch off when a scary programme comes on.

Of course the film's terrifying. It took several years before I was comfortable sleeping alone in a house again which was a pity because when I moved to London I got a room in a house with a landlady who promptly got a job the other end of the country, leaving me housesitting for her.

So, that year, Hallowe'en came round and I just couldn't face it in that house on my own. I called up my then bestie and asked if she and her OH could put me up for the night. She said fine, and I turned up at four in the afternoon (well before dark) with my PJs, toothbrush and a bottle of wine. Bestie's flat was one of three in a large house and I couldn't work out which doorbell to ring. Rang the one that looked most likely and an unknown guy answered the door. 'Oops, I said, I think I rang the wrong bell, I was looking for Bestie.'

'Ah,' he said grinning, 'You must be the Hallowe'en specialist.'

Was my face red!

I will be hiding out this Hallowe'en in the bedroom with SP and the internet.

Yes, I still find Hallowe'en scary.

This is because I always 'ahem' overestimate the amount of chocolate I need to buy for the local kids and so this year I am removing temptation by not buying any and spending the evening in the bedroom so they don't come knocking at the door.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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