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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weather here is very erratic right now. Every few days it changes drastically. We can have hot, warm, cold, cool, windy, damp, rainy, muggy, and stormy all in the same week. We use the air conditioner one day and the furnace the next. It was a high of 81 today and will be 55 tomorrow.

The leaves have all changed. We went for a drive to look at the fall colors and discovered that the prettiest display is in our own yard and within a mile of us. LOL. One day the winds were wild and the leaves started to fall. We still have a lot on the trees but the ground was completely covered within a week. With all the nuts that have come down it's very precarious to walk outside.

We have not had a hard frost yet. My mums and impatiens are thriving. The rest of the vegetable garden plants are in the compost pile now. The herbs are still doing well but I decided to harvest the bulk of them early. I have basil, lemon balm, sage, parsley, marjoram, oregano, lavender, chives, rosemary, etc. drying on the back porch. I already harvested the fennel, dill, coriander, etc. I need to get the garden ready for winter soon.

It's hunting season again and will be until February. I see deer occasionally but we don't have the deer we used to thanks to the indiscriminate killing by the neighbors.

The turtles hibernated really early this year. I saw the last ones on September 25. Three of them came that day. They were not regulars from previous years but we were glad to have them. I miss them a lot.

Hubby and I went out early one morning and a twig broke on a limb and a squirrel almost fell on his head. It splatted on the ground but managed to crawl over under the lounger and sit there a couple minutes. It finally got up and climbed the tree. I hope it is okay. The squirrels are very busy right now. This is a good nut year so they have plenty to eat.

The birds are still singing even with the change in weather. I'm sure it's most likely just Wrenster. Wrenster is really cute but he a bigamist. He has multiple wives and families.

I have a sweet little chickadee who likes to look in the window and all around the bedroom. I'm sure he/she would come in if it could.

We still had a single hummer until October 5. I felt sorry for it because it looked lonely. I've never had one this late so I was worried it was not going to migrate. I guess it just wasn't ready and was building up it's strength for the long trip south.

I saw several turkeys in our yard recently. Some adults and young ones. They are really increasing in numbers.

The tree frogs are still making noise at night but they will go to bed before long too.

We saw Daisy, the neighborhood stray Lab, by the road eating some food someone had thrown out of their car. I later saw her in the neighbor's yard again and then I saw her with the neighbor. So she is doing okay so far. They have a dog house she can use.

We recently stopped and got some custard ice cream at our favorite place before it closes for the season. Their specialty is lemon and it is delicious. They have lots of good flavors of the day like Wild Cherry, Black Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, etc. but lemon is always available.

Hubby and I have been getting some walks in when we can. When DST ends our daily walks will end as it will almost be dark by the time hubby gets home from work. I like DST and hate when it ends. Shorter days suck.

The tree trimming crew finally got around to our area. They spent hours shooting the bull with the idiot next door while cutting down every tree he wanted in his yard whether it was a threat or not but on our side they did next to nothing. They cut down one tree. I ended up having to call them about our tree problems 3 times after that. They are supposed to finally come out. We shall see.

Out post office is cutting back to 4 hours a day. It really sucks as it will go from being a pleasant experience to poor service where you stand in line like at the big ones. My GF will go from work 42 hours to 22.

We got another offer on my MIL's house on October 6. It's on the low end - $10,500 less than what the house is worth - but we accepted it. The house is costing us money. We hope this sale goes through. We have to do some repairs to satisfy the inspection.

We have been selling my MIL's possessions since March but the house, yard, shed, attic were packed so we still had a lot to sell. We have been having a lot of sales recently. We had the big estate sale last Friday and Saturday and sold tons of stuff. Hubby and I were alone as 2 of the women who were supposed to help us were ill and another had to take one of the other ones to the E.R. It was a mad house and we both worked 14 hours and didn't get to eat all day or use the rest room. One good thing is that when you don't have time to drink you don't pee much. LOL. We don't have any electricity or water there so it's a challenge.

The next day hubby and I had to go sit to Wal-mart and get 4 tires put on his work van.

Porkie had dental surgery in St. Louis on Saturday, October 6. Hubby and I went over there together and we ate at Culver's again. We took the truck as my car is slowly dying and I don't want a new one. We have too many cars.

Hubby, my son, and I have all been under the weather with allergies, sinus infections, colds, etc. I have the worst case of fever blisters I've ever had. Very painful and it's hard to eat.

I'm still not eating right nor getting enough exercise in due to my circumstances. I have too much to do and no spare time but I'm in good spirits. I'm tough.

Today is the day that our Wheeler died. I sure do miss my little girl. She was one of a kind.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Many condolences in regard to Wheeler. I know animals become part of our family, and they really feel our love.

    Loved all the descriptions of animal life and Daisy.

    So glad you got a contract on the house! And had a successful estate sale, even if you couldn't pee, LOL.

    Everyone around me has been sick with various things, like you, from sinus to allergy to simple colds to sicknesses that keep you home from work for 3 days, and last 12 days total. So I am extremely grateful I have stayed well so far and have not gotten any of the early "seasons changing" sicknessnesses, and none of the fall sicknesses, other than some inflammation. I credit the supplements I take.
    1920 days ago
    deer hunting around here is finished yeah......i think the deers know because when it was deer hunting you rarely see any now i have seen so many...glad some of them made it....
    1935 days ago
    1935 days ago
    You sure make reading one of your blogs feel like a virtual reality for anyone who has the good fortune to be reading one. I feel like I'm right there on one of those wildlife walks with you and your DH in those beautiful woods you describe so eloquently. What a fascinating life you have. You truly are so blessed!

    Sorry to hear about your allergies and sinuses giving you problems. I have that problem too--especially this time of year. It makes living comfortably a challenge, that's for sure.

    I sure hope you get your MIL's house and estate settled once and for all. I know you'll feel like a ton of bricks has been finally let off your backs once that house is sold. No one can handle that much stress for such a long period of time as you and your poor husband and son have had to endure. I'll be praying that it sells and is over for you soon.

    1941 days ago
    So glad I stopped and was able to catch up with you and all that has been going on. You are stil the busiest person I have ever seen!!! So glad that you have an offer on your MIL's house. Hopefully it will be sold before winter and you won't have worry about it. Sure hope those fever bisters clear up quickly for you. Sinus issues have taken hold of Ken and I also as wellas several fever blisters. Praying that your MRSA is now a thing of the past. Just hang in there and do the best you can each day.
    I am looking forward to warm weather and lots of sunshine already. I am not a big fan of the cold weather anymore. Sure hope you had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. I love reading your blogs and am waiting for your first book to come out. You are such a delightful writer!!!
    Continued blessings and hugs,

    1944 days ago
    Great to see a post from you again. Hope that with the sale of MIL's house, your life can settle down.

    Where is that custard spot?
    1954 days ago
    deer are running madly all over the place! I saw 5 on the lawn of a neighbor down the street just this morning! They are scared and do not know where to run! bow & arrow season you know! wait til they hear gun shots! emoticon
    wish you a fun sunday, Morticia!

    still lovin ya,
    1957 days ago
    WOw that was quite the catch up! It's good you are getting walks in, that IS exercise, so that's a good thing. I've set a goal to do 5 minutes additional exercise on each day other than my regular activities as I'm building back up. I actually did 15 minutes today on the Wii Fit. I think just having a goal to do "at least 5" has got me back into working out. We'll see.

    I think your hummingbird made it south to our house, because one buzzed my head yesterday while I was gardening emoticon

    Thanks again for the Ketch up emoticon

    1957 days ago
    Thanks for the catch up. I'm so jealous that you're still in fall without a hard frost. I think we had our first hard frost in early September this year. It really killed the garden quickly.

    I hope the sale goes through and you're able to work through all of the house stuff. I've done that twice; one for each of our grandparents and it is so much work and emotionally challenging.

    Take care the best you can. I hop you're all feeling better soon.
    1959 days ago
    I really enjoy your descriptions of the flora and fauna in your neighborhood. It is such a delight to read about them. You are very sweet. I am sorry about the anniversary. Those kind of days are tough. I have a sinus infection as well. Picking up antibiotics tomorrow,hopefully, if I can get a ride. So glad that you have an offer on MIL's house. Glad the estate sale and everything is under way. You must be so happy to almost have this over as you have endured much due to it. Hope you are feeling better. I don't hear anything here about the MERSA so I am hoping that is in remission for now. Throughout everything, you are a survivor! Good job getting through these recent months! Way to go! Take good care of yourself and don't be a stranger! Love ya, Karen emoticon
    1961 days ago
    Here's hoping the deal goes through on the house. I think that would be a load off your mind. Sounds like you are through the worst of it as far as cleaning out and selling. I am very impressed that your spirits are up with all that you have been handling. Atta girl! Hope you have a great weekend! Let's rock November! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon emoticon
    1964 days ago
    You still manage to do about 10X what other people are doing! You amaze me so much! I would hug you if Icould! You are one of earths blessings! I am so proud to have you be a part of my life!

    1965 days ago
    Feel better, sweetie! emoticon (that's a hibernating turtle)
    1966 days ago
    I don't like the change in time either!!!! I am a sunlight gal!!!! LOL!!!! Isn't it hard when you lose a pet?? They are a member of your family & it hurts just as bad to lose them!!!! I love my puppydoodles, but I still miss my white schnauzer, Jodi" who was deaf!!!! Mine are like my children since I never had kids!!

    They just harvested our soybeans today, so I imagine the deer & turkeys will be out!!!! Hope this weather stays awhile!!!!

    Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon
    1966 days ago
    All your activity counts as exercise. Sounds like you're getting a lot. I love all the description about your animals.

    Thanks for reading my blogs and commenting. Dr's still use fasting glucose for prediabetes diagnosis, and mine was 88. But my home A1C and one at a lab were 5.8 and 5.7, prediabetic.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    1966 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there,
    I hate losing DST too. the days are short enough and the nights don't need to be longer and longer when we have to be out then...

    Today, when we drove my daughter to work there were 5 does hanging out in the road and they were not in any mood to move. I am wondering if part of them were last years' twins. They were calm, patient and graceful, eventually crossing the road and escaping via a ditch. I was worried that they were heading for the highway until they turned into the ditch.

    I sure hope that each day is leaving you feeling better and stronger as you get your life back. Like it or not, the cold months are upon us and we need to have our strength adn resolve about us.

    Take care, my friend!!
    Gentle hugs,
    1968 days ago
  • -SHAWN-
    Sounds lovely... I love when the weather constantly surprises me ;-)
    1969 days ago
    Hey, GF!! I did read this 4 days ago but it "slipped" off my screen. I'm sorry you guys are feeling miserable when you have so much to do! With turtles hibernating early does that mean early or hard winter??
    We are in the midst of Sandy. So far today it has been waves of rain and wind but nothing to awful. It's supposed to be the worst tonight from around 8 till 2 in the morning. I just don't want to lose power!!!! We have lots of tall trees in our back lot and I'm hoping they all stay upright!! I don't like wind so I'm felling a bit anxious! LOL
    I'm hoping that the house sale has gone through. ~fingers crossed~ sounds like you've sold quite a bit. Hope that continues till it's all gone!!
    Toby has been struggling with the surgery. It's an awful wound--I will spare you the details but if I'd known how significant this was I may not have done it. I just took the morphine patch off this morning. He's not eating much; sleeping lots and still having some seeping (especially after BM). Not pretty and I'm not going into gory details! Keep him in your prayers!
    Hope things are wrapping up for you and all of you are feeling better!!!!!
    1969 days ago
    Sorry about Wheeler.
    I wish I could see all your beautiful fall colors. Can't say all the palms & eucaliptus around here do much of anything. emoticon
    1969 days ago
    I love the northern fall colors! SOOO beautiful!

    My pup had dental surgery...she is losing teeth in her old age, they had to pull 5. I will post a picture in my next blog, It broke my heart but she seems to be feeling much better!

    We have a lot of deer out around where I live. My old route to my apartments from the gym I used to see deer grazing in people's front WHOLE families. The other night I was on my way to the grocery store and I saw a deer dart in the street in front of me and clear a 5 foot fence! It was crazy that he could jump that high!

    I hope you are doing well
    1970 days ago
    Mygoodness you do keep busy! I'm glad you have so many wonders of nature at your fingertops, although the deer hunting neighbors made me queasy. Congrats on seeling MIL's house. I'm sorry you didn't get what you'd asked for it. And poor Daisy. I hope someone convinces her to come inside before the cold hits and she freezes. We're bracing for Huricane Sandy here ...
    1970 days ago
    Hey Morticia.
    Love Luyah
    1971 days ago
  • CHERYLL1949
    Our weather here in Az. is beautiful. Still summer here but fixing to change a little. I hope you keep up with your blogs. I sure enjoy them! emoticon
    1972 days ago
    Sorry about Wheeler's anniversary. emoticon

    I bet your back porch smells like herbal heaven!

    An old neighbor of ours in NH says they have a bumper acorn crop this year, too. Bad winter comin'.

    Is that frozen custard you're talking about? It's rare around here, but outrageously good!

    Bummer about the post office! It was always a bright spot in your errands.

    1972 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    As usual, you have a lot going on...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog but I am not headed anywhere. The BLC20 is having a Wizard of Oz Challenge this weekend.

    Take care of yourself. Our weather is crazy too! We went from AC to heat in less than 24 hours so relate.

    So sorry you are missing Wheeler. Anniversaries are tough - especially these kind.

    Love you, Sunny
    1972 days ago
    I love hearing all about your life! You put so much time and energy into animals, it is so endearing.
    A persons true character is how they treat animals. This is such a profound statement!
    1972 days ago
    It's so good to hear from you again! I really missed your blogs. I hope that the sale on your MIL's house goes through. We also took less than market value for our FIL's house, but it was 9 hrs away and would have needed a new roof. We were glad to get rid of it. I'm sure you will be glad to get your MIL's house sold as well. There comes a point where you are paying more in repairs and taxes so it's best to just do your best and let it go after that.

    Hope life gets to slow down for you soon!
    1972 days ago
    Heh heh, I haven't had a chance to post that we went to see The Addams Family musical at our Texas State Fair 10/14; it was great! (although the actress playing Morticia had a somewhat erratic, slightly hoarse & distracting voice)

    Congrats on soon being out-from-under your MIL's house!
    1972 days ago
    glad to hear from you....glad you have a buyer even if unfortunately the sale is under priced....hopefully when its done, you will get some relief...i would love to see the fall colors by your house...i love fall colors, so beautful...we dont have that where i am...
    1972 days ago
    We're all with you and looking forward to the day your MIL's estate is wrapped up. You will probably be amazed at how much free time you'll have, LOL!
    1972 days ago

    my heart for Wheeler..
    hope you feel better ... you all really had a lot on you last weekend with the sale , glad it was worth it.. I have been cutting tons of my herbs and they are still flourishing .. more than all summer.. but next week we will be 50-60 during the days so I do need to get the rest in before the rains come tomorrow... with SANDY... very glad it is going around us - we will get high winds.. but hitting the north hard.. sounds bad !!
    just saged my home to get the bad spirits out that are breaking my stuff... will miss the drum circle again tomorrow night - hate driving at night now anyway and mixed with rain- oh no ....
    1972 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Thanks for the "ketch up" (and love the name.) I love how attuned you are to the natural world and appreciative of the changes.

    I've been using a neti pot now for a few weeks and really notice a change for the better in my sinus condition. It's safe as long as you either boil the water first or use distilled. For blisters inside the mouth, my grandmother (an RN in WWI) used to recommend rinsing with milk of magnesia - just don't swallow, or you'll have a different problem. I use salt water as well - they're so painful.
    1972 days ago
    You old toughie you. I'm taking your advice to sit
    and take a break with a cuppa and hope you are
    doing the same. I'm glad that you are selling lots
    of stuff. I hope your blisters go away soon.
    Have a great weekend. emoticon emoticon
    1972 days ago
    From what you describe about the nuts, squirrels and other things from nature, it sounds like you're in for a cold winter. Stay warm and stay safe - have a great weekend!
    1972 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I love reading about your animals. I heard that it was a great year for nuts and that the squirrel population has increased because of that. Farmers in SC are giving squirrels birth control..Weird.

    I hope your house offer goes through..That will be a big relief for you!

    I am sorry about your fever blisters..and hope they are getting better.

    That is crazy about only a 4 hour opening in the PO. I am expecting them to cut out Saturday deliveries.


    1972 days ago
    Love all the animal stories, and so thankful that you had another offer, that you are getting stuff sold. Hopefully it will be done and over with soon. BOy long haul for you.
    I too am too busy and not eating what i want to eat, not super bad, but not what I want and not eating supper very often as seems I am turned off meat and don't want salad. hmmm strange me.
    So renos in full tilt, way behind but oh well. a sparkfriend and her hubby are coming into the city early and goign to help. Her hubby is great with any renos stuff and strong so can help lots. Great of them to offer.
    Hope your blisters get well soon, I have one good size split in my lower lip that is finally getting better. only plus to this cold, is can't smell my stinky new couch lol YUK
    Have a great day good to hear from you!
    1972 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I was just about to ask you for an update yesterday. So glad you
    wrote. I always wonder how you are doing, how the MIL house is coming
    along. So glad you sold it. Even for less than value, you will be done with
    it. I know it's been hard on you.

    take care.

    Warm emoticon
    1972 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    So interesting to hear what's going on with you! Similar weather here. Yesterday I think we hit 80 or so. I noticed my basil is getting really scraggly and wonder if there's even much to pick. I also have Thai basil that I don't know what to do with. Asian pesto? Love the anise-like flavor of it. Really glad to hear about the house. It's been a drain on you for so long! Crossing my fingers the sale goes through without a hitch.

    Frankenstorm? Yikes! That's what they're calling Sandy now. Seems it will be hitting more northeast and not make landfall here in NC but will meet a big cold front creating the "perfect storm" up in NJ and NY. I hope it doesn't wreak too much havoc.

    Hope those fever blisters go away so you can eat properly! You sure have more than your share of ailments to plague you!
    1973 days ago
    I'm glad to get caught up on your activities; I've been missing your blogs!!

    1973 days ago
    I love this blog. I can actually experience the change in the season through your eyes. That is most pleasant and needed. Thanks so much for the ketch up.
    1973 days ago
  • DEELB1
    Oh I am so sorry about your loss. Sadly, I understand the pain you are feeling. I am hoping for your recovery from your illness. When I read your blogs, I am reminded of Carl Sandburg as your style is so similar. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1973 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    So glad to have you ketch up with everything! Hope the sale of mil's home works out. Feel better soon, my friend.
    1973 days ago
    Sounds like paradise around your house. Sad about your departed pet, but we're lucky to have had such wonderful
    1973 days ago
    Congrats on the offer for your MIL’s house. Sometimes it is more economically smart to have it off of your hands and a whole lot better for you emotionally and physically.
    1973 days ago
    ketch up?? and where are the fries?? lol
    well i love reading your blogs and am glad i don't have to work as hard as you do..looking now at an aussie thrown out of a car on the freeway..being checked out right now and if it clears i will add it as a companion to hello dolly..has a lethal white gene and a beautiful dog but deaf..but then i uunderstand that as i am also..that will be a challenge but then hello dolly was also as she spent four long years in a crate being beat and having beautiful puppies taken away from her so i will have two dogs instead of one hopefully as the pupils on the new one are unequal they will test her for concussuion and maybe blindness anothe genetic gene..but then i feel it will be something to get me up and going again and getting some unconditional love for both me and my doggie
    the lady mary
    1973 days ago
    What a rich and varied blog entry. You have such a wonderful sense of the visual description!

    I am so sorry about Wheeler. Anniversaries are tough to deal with. I am glad that your squirrelfriend is doing well after that mishap.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog so often. Your comments and encouragement mean a lot!
    1973 days ago
    Glad everything is working out ok .. and you will soon be rid of the house ... Love that the critters are all doing their own thing and good that daisy is ok ..
    Hope you all feel better really soon ..
    My Commiserations on Wheeler I know what it is like to lose a beloved pet .
    Much Love Susie emoticon emoticon
    1973 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    Good to hear about what all you've been up to.

    We are supposed to get a heck of a storm on Monday. A nor'easter. Can't wait.
    1973 days ago
    emoticon It soubnds as though you are dealing well with A LOT of things pulling at you.
    At one house where I worked, there was a Mockingbird who would come to the door to be fed every morning. If you ignored him, he would peck on the window until you came outside. He would take raisens and cranberrys right out of your palm!

    1973 days ago
    Good to get caught up on all that is going on in your world! Glad your MIL's house has sold even though you didn't get what it was worth. Also hope you can get everything else sold also.
    Sorry about Wheeler, I know you miss him still. Sure hope the stray lab can stay warm and that someone will take him in and take care of him.

    Have a nice weekend ahead and feel better and get strong!

    1973 days ago
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