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Insights from the Nutritionist

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I went to see the nutritionist today. She was super nice and I could tell right away that she Ďgot ití. She was happy that I was also seeing someone to deal with the emotional stuff as well. She make some really good points and brought some stuff together for me. Iím really hoping my insurance will pay for me to continue to see her, and Iím not sure it will, because it will be very valuable. Hereís an overview of what we discussed:

She said that, like most people in my situation, I know the basics of how to eat healthy. Itís binging and overeating emotionally that really throws things off track. She said she can help me learn to eat better, but I need to continue to work on the binging thing to see successÖ.makes sense.

She also said that consistency is the key. No matter what Iím doing, I have to start being consistent with it. For example, working out for 15 minutes every day, when I feel like overeating doing something different each time to replace that behavior so that it becomes a new behavior, or eating fruits and veggies at each meal. This is a big one and itís something that I always struggle with.

We talked a lot about what I eat in general and she noted that a lot of the time I saidÖbut thatís not good, when it really was. For instance, I had chili for lunch all week and I added cheese and oyster crackers. I thought well, I just made that healthy chili turned it unhealthy by adding all that sodium and fat. But she said, I was adding grain and dairy. A different way of looking at it. Plus she said when we think of eating Ďbadí it really sets us up for failure for the rest of the day. I can tell I do that, when I mess up once, I generally stick with it and continue to do so. She also told me that I should incorporate snacks in the morning but more importantly in the afternoon because I like to have something to eat right when I get home from work.

I told her I also have a problem when Iím out of healthy meals Iíve made and I just want something quick for dinner. Normally I go to the grocery store and get two pieces of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. She said, I can go and have one piece of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy but I also need to pick up a serving of fruit and veggies (carrot sticks and blueberriesóthatís what she liked to say). If I want more chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy the next day I can get it but I have to limit the portion and add the fruit and veggie. That way Iím having two 700 calorie meals over two days and being consistent, rather than having a 1500 calorie dinner binge in one night.

I also explained to her that I have trouble eating well when on the road. I gave her this scenario: tonight I was going to travel for work (itís snowing pretty bad so I cancelled) but I was thinking all week about this great pizza place in the town I was going to travel to. My friends have been raving about how great the pie is so Iíve been thinking about it. I looked up the menu and everything. I was stressing about how much Iíd eat and how to plan my calories for the day. Honestly, Iíd probably get a large pizza and eat as much as I could for dinner and then finish the rest for breakfast. What she told me kinda shocked me and was also a relief: I should go there, order the smallest pizza they had, get some fruit and veggies from the grocery store and have dinner and enjoy it. I was like: #1, I can have pizza?!?; #2 why the hell was I stressing about this all week??; #3 that sound really good; #4 I would enjoy it and I wouldnít feel guilty and I get to try that great pizza.

We narrowed down a few goals. Goal setting has always been a hard thing for me because I want to do so much right away to see results. Some things we talked about were: eating fruit/veggies at each meal, thinking of high value deposit foods, not calories (by this I mean, if a banana and a brownie are the same amount of caloriesÖthe banana is a Ďhigh value deposit to your bodyí rather than a brownie which doesnít have nutritional value), 15 minutes of movement each day (setting a time and sticking to it), eating between 2000-2200 calories per day. She told me to pick two. Iím going to do the 15 minutes of movement a day and the fruit/veggies at each meal. Weíll talk about them at our next meeting. Iím going to record these at home on my board. Iím also going to try and track calories as much as possible.

Like I said earlier, if my insurance will pay for me to continue to see her Iíd like to. (Donít even get me started on insurance companies!!) Thereís also a possible weight loss class I could take next January sheís looking into. I feel like I know this stuff, or most of it, but when you get all caught up in your head, like I feel like I do all the time, itís hard to make the right decisions. I think the most shocking think is that she didnít weigh me. She said she could but she doesnít like to do that. She likes to track goals. She said people focus so much on getting to one specific number. She encourages people to get to a range. I really like her and think I took away some valuable things.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
MT-MOONCHASER 10/25/2012 11:39PM

    I think one of the most valuable things that she told you was to go ahead with the urges, but to cut the portions and add fruits and veggies. Love the quick dinner idea (even if I don't like blueberries much).


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LOSING30TOWIN 10/25/2012 7:15PM

    This nutritionist sounds amazing! If she was in my town, she is the type I person I would want to work with. I really like that she has the philosophy of going with your cravings but in moderation. As soon as I started to do that I never regained the weight I have lost so far. I also liked that she did not weigh you. She sees the big picture.

With this kind of support system I know you will be successful!

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CARRIEMT 10/25/2012 6:23PM

    That's great information. Thanks for the share. I like the idea of adding a fruit and veggie to every meal- and having a portion of what is on the craving menu.
The goals seem realistic and doable. You'll have to let me know how it goes!

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BARBARASDIET 10/25/2012 2:59PM


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