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Thursday, October 25, 2012

good morning! today i have to work on sharon's Christmas card--it is coming along nicely so far. and then i have to get our costumes for a friend's halloween party pulled together. the theme (you can follow the theme if you want, but its not mandatory) is "the wizard of odd". so i have an old curtain downstairs and we will rig it someway to wrap it around rob, so he can be "the man behind the curtain". as for me--dewayne is lending me a hat and i will carry 2 five gallon buckets--making me a 10 gallon hat.
i know that sounds weird--but i don't really like really elaborate halloween costumes--i prefer to take simple things and use them to make something up. i remember when i was in college a sorority sister once dressed up in a white sheet and had a sprig of parsley from the cafeteria in her mouth. she was "the white dove of peace". that totally cracked me up.
today is treadmill day--usually its wednesday but i got off to a late start and ended up just doing leslie and an hour-plus walk at the park with marianne.
and my water kefir experiment is bubbling along. i threw the first batch away because i had used white sugar and you have to add raisins and molasses to white sugar--i didn't care for the flavor, and i didn't really want plain white sugar as the "food" for the grains. so i found organic evaporated cane juice, which is what the person i bought the grains from recommended.
took the kefir out of the white sugar solutions and drained them--the kefir grains look like little wads of gelatin--and then put them back in clean jars with the organic sugar and water. then you cover the (mason) jar with a piece of paper napkin or a coffee filter--to let air but no cooties into the solution, and set it on the counter. it is supposed to take 24-48 hours for the fermentation to take place. this morning i saw lots of bubbles and the grains looked bigger--so the process is working! then you strain off the liquid and put the kefir water mixed with fruit juice in a stoppered bottle. leave it on the counter again for 24-48. the fermentation continues and builds up bubbles in the solution, so you end up with a "carbonated" fruit drink that is a probiotic! my hope is that we will no longer drink soda of any kind, but instead use this--which will be more nutritional and beneficial. i know the calories in the fruit drink will be higher than a diet soda, and it may take me a little while to decide that kind of fruit juice works the best--today it will be organic pomegranate. i just grabbed something off the shelf at the store--i need to be careful of sugar content when i buy juice--but for right now i am just on the learning curve. my main hope is that rob will like it--he is a really hard core soda drinker. he has found some sugar free sodas he likes, but in many ways i think sugar free soda is worse than regular--i really dislike the idea of drinking "pop" at all. so we'll see what happens. thinking i will decant the liquid later today and get the fruit drink working.
have a great day everyone!
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    I love the costume ideas! In college, my roomate and I bought yellow rubber gloves, and yellow feather dusters. We used our white bed sheets and pillows, wrapped them around ourselves, stuck the gloves on our feet, and the feather dusters were our "tail feathers" and we were chickens!! The best part was, a guy came out in his "mummy" type sleeping bag and starting crawling on the ground like a worm....and we attacked him!! lol

    The kefir drink sounds very interesting. I'm familiar with the yogurt kefir drink, but not a plain one. Let me know how it's going!
    1915 days ago
    sounds like a lot of work. I hope you like it. have a great day and a wonderful time at the Halloween Party.
    1916 days ago
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