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Insulin Resistance

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have been reading up on Metabolic Syndrome /Syndrome X/ Insulin Resistance..
and the consequential action plans. I also researched The Warrior Diet, The Paleolithic Diet, and my future is looking grim when it comes to food, Basically, cut all flour, all bakery items, all sugar, all process items, all fat, all fatty meat.. Leaving.. Fruit, Veges and Lean Meats? Can you imagine what it'd be like to ahve that for breakfast.. big plate of vege.. as well as lunch bleh
I think I need to do a little more research to flesh it out a bit better..

If you recall about my business graduation day, I put on a Kg and a Half in one day. (I measured it again the next day and it confirmed it)
The following week I had another bad food sort of day, (Corn Chips!) And I put on STACKS. I put on ALL the weight I had lost in the last 5 months in Spark!
I particularly noticed it gain on my midriff. I refused to leave the house with it!
Having just measured it (3 days later), it's now 10 cms smaller, I was reading somewhere that you can store fat instantly in a day but take months to loose it, I think it also mentioned in the midriff area.

I've hit a little de-motivation stage in life...
I haven't exercised all week, I've stopped tracking, while at times I make thoughtful food choices, other times I don't.. (but I keep to sensible serving sizes, eg the ones stated on the packet). Meanwhile I'm trying to get this research together.. Hrm. I can't afford the bike for the triathlon so no point in training..

I am perfectly sure I have this condition..
What surprises me however is, everyone I've talked to.. Doctor, Pcos Specialist, Herbalist, Nutritionist, and everyone else I know..
Oh wait.. I was about tos ay no one had tipped me off on what to eat and what not to eat..
but the Doctor, I THINK she mentioned the south beach diet (along with promoting the aitkins which is no good cos I'm vegan)
The hospital nutritionist isn't even worth talking to really.. She angers me infact. she promotes high carbs/ bread or pasta with every meal BLEH
I get Carbs are for.... um.. rebuilding muscle strength isn't it?
But did everyone forget a vegetable is a carb too?

It might be a huge adjustment to move to a plant only diet... well vege, fruit and meat.
Kelvin, who I do shared cooking and shopping with, read over my diet and began to panic... he knew he'd lose truck loads of weight if we went on it together..
So therefore, we have to separate it now.

I'm thinking about getting a blood sugar analysis machine. (one good way to look at it, my herbalist taught me, if you eat sugar, your blood becomes sticky and it has to pump out insulin to break it down) heh.. my poor blood, It can also become fatty if you eat ... well you know what.
Of course, I don't really NEED a machine right now, it's pretty obvious to me I am eating sweet stuff nearly every day. *Sigh* OOh! I could put ALL sugary foods into their own category on Spark as Sweet ... That could be good!

New Zealand food prices however are completely P-Head Insane, I went to go buy a 1 cup serving of fruit salad, as a part of my healthy meal I was attempting to forage at the supermarket... it did not even have melon in it.. which is proper fruit salad .. (meaning I could make it at home)!
EIGHT dollars. eight! 8!
(a can of fruit salad, a bigger serving is about $1.20) just to give that scale. Or if I had made my own, I'd have to make a larger serving of course, eg a 2kgs worth would cost about 5 or 6 dollars buy using whole fruit.
but .. yeah.. that's just mental - So I ended up eating something with BREAD in it.. *Sigh* (However it was very delicious :) )

So .... yeah.. I dunno..
I'm pleased my research lead me to syndrome x, and there are about 55 books on it out there.. and just ONE in all of my entire city.. (wooho.. not).
Actually I might go over to that library and see if i can get it..

Research Away! Find Hope, Regroup, FIGHT AGAIN!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm sure it's such a bummer to hear that news!

    I was just scrolling through the recently posted blog posts and came across yours! I was reading it and see that you're vegan! me too! and I'm trying to eat more of a plant-based diet rather than sugary/processed vegan foods which can be so tempting.

    best of luck and looking forward to more updates!
    1763 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    It was a little over a year ago I had my first glucose tolerance/insulin test and it left me with a diagnosis of insulin resistance/prediabetes. I am very careful with sugars and most other carbs because I know how bad they make me feel. I'm very far from perfect and slip up a lot, but my A1c in March was 5.1, which is great! If you take most of the parts of the Paleo diet, I'll bet it will help a lot. You don't have to be totally strict about all grains and beans, but real, fresh, unprocessed food is very important. And you do tend to get used to it. I stay pretty low-carb most of the time and feel great that way. I wish you lots of luck figuring it all out!
    1763 days ago
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