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Rest Days....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How many times a week do you workout? Do you schedule your rest days? I am one of those people who doesn't schedule a "rest day." I always worry about if I do schedule one and take that day off, what if something comes up on the other day that I am supposed to workout (illness, work stuff, kids' stuff, etc). So I plan some type of exercise for each day, and if something comes up (like getting called into work in the middle of the night and having to work again that next day) then I just erase that workout from my calendar. (And actually, I found out that Chalene Johnson's sister Jenelle Summers from Turbo Fire/Kick doesn't schedule rest days, either).

Today I writing down my workout that I did (I finished Insanity yesterday so I need to create a new workout plan/schedule) I noticed that it had been a while since I had actually taken a rest day. Out of curiosity, I went back and counted when the last one was. Ready for this? 29 DAYS. Now before I get a bunch of comments like "your body needs a rest day" or "it needs time to recover/repair" I will tell you that I KNOW that. I know that I need a day a week to recover. I have a crazy schedule so I don't schedule it since something usually comes up at least once every 1-2 weeks that gives me an (unplanned) rest day. I was just shocked that it had been THAT long. I was off of work for 12 days, so maybe that it is the ticket. Less work=less stress=more exercise.


Anyways, I have scheduled a rest day for tomorrow (gasp!) I work 10:30am-11pm tomorrow. By taking the morning off from my workout, I guess I will have a little more time in the morning for my Bible reading/devotions, getting a few things done around the house before work, and maybe I will even take my youngest to breakfast after my oldest gets on the bus (can't take my oldest, his bus comes at 7am and my youngest is still in bed at that time!) So as hard as it is for me (I'm sure I have some kind of psychological issue, lol) I am looking forward to the morning to see what it's like for people who "don't work out." I asked one of my friends the other day when she came over to workout, "What do people who don't workout in the morning do with their time?" I'm sure they have plenty to do, it's just that this habit is ingrained into my brain now that it's just like brushing my teeth or eating breakfast, it's just a normal part of my day. Here's to my "rest day"~ emoticon
(wish I was going to the beach instead of work, though!)

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HSMOM2FOUR 11/5/2012 8:33AM

    Perhaps 'active rest' is more of the ticket? Being active around the house, or using your 'rest' day as a planning day or food prep day changes things up for your body & rests or uses the muscles in a different way than you are using them during workouts the rest of the week.

I use Sundays as my rest days. With a focus on worship & rest, it really gets me charged up for the rest of the week!

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LOWFATFOODIE 10/24/2012 7:09PM

    I schedule my rest days (once per week), but if something comes up BEFORE that where I can't get my workout in, I adjust-- either by doubling up workouts another day or trading the rest day. My workouts are rather strictly spaced to avoid working the same muscle groups within at least 1-2 days in between, so the actual rest day is required to keep that spacing and NOT impinge on performance. Sure, I can go on, but my muscles won't work at their peak which is evident if I go just 10 days without a rest.

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JQUIBELL 10/24/2012 3:30PM

    I actually find it hard to have rest days!
This is the second time that I'll have gone through TF and I find if I take a scheduled rest day it makes it REALLY hard to kick my butt out of bed the next day to pick it back up! ... So, I threw them out. Now there are days that things come up, (If my youngest gets out of bed early, it makes working out REALLY hard...) but I find that I'm getting out of bed much easier this time around and I've been much LESS likely to skip workouts.

It all goes back to what your body can handle. If you're incredibly sore and the moves hurt, you need a rest. As long as you're healthy and you're getting enough calories to support the work you're doing, I say KEEP IT UP!

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FITGAL2010 10/24/2012 3:01PM

    Erin, HI! I never use to schedule a rest day, but now that I'm retired, I have 2 per week. Really it adds up to just 1 because I do laundry and housework and bills on ond of the day, but I love my "rest days"... I wish my sister would schedule them too, because she just seems so unorganized all the time (cancelling outings and forgetting appointments for mother, and so many things, but anyhow :-). I love my Friday"s and Monday"s! I rarely even will schedule an appointment on those days either, because I just like to be home catching up on lessons or reading my bible and devotionals, e-mails and so forth. I think I'm a better person because of my rest days.... I know Sunday is a scheduled "working" day (sort of) for a pastor's wife (YOU), because I watch my pastor's wife. She's so busy! (and through the week too)! Wow! Anyhow. Fun getting caught up w/ you. I see you have been VERY busy! :) Please do enjoy those rest days. God wants the best we have, and we're better having had a little rest. :) It was so nice hearing from you! Love, Lori


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KARENGMT 10/24/2012 2:27PM

    I am just 3 weeks into this journey, and I'm following the SparkPeople 28-day Bootcamp DVD. Rest days are built in, which is nice. But I do try to take a little (or a long) walk on rest days if I'm feeling like it.

Just doing what your body can handle seems to be key.

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