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BLC - Reboot part 2

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Original Goals:

Track everything, every day no matter what! Stay within calorie range a minimum of 5 days a week and as close a possible on the others. No more 2K food days.

1. Exercise 20 minutes (minimum) 5 days a week.
2. 2 days a week do strength training focused workouts.
3. Swim at least 1 day a week until itís too cold.
4. Get at least 10,000 steps a day (or 45 minutes ďactiveĒ walking minutes) 5 days a week. (5K on rest days)
5. Start doing exercises to strengthen foot/ankle.

1. Have a clean enough house that I wonít be ashamed for someone to come in and kitty sit.
2. Write a novel in November for Nano WriMo (National November Writing (a novel) Month)

For Me
1. Read for fun
2. Spend at least one night with bff for girlís night out each month.


Food ~
Track food most days and keep it within ranges using more calories on days I burn more calories through exercise.

Exercise ~
1. Continue walking either outside or with dvd or music everyday to a minimum of 7,000 steps, but averaging 8,200 steps a day as that will give me an early victory in regards to the VirginHealthMiles walking challenge from work (500,000 steps from Oct 1 Ė Dec 31). Early as in before I leave on my long Thanksgiving vacation cruise. This will also keep me in the
2. Start adding in more intense exercise including rock climbing and/or strength training several days a week.
3. It has been too cold to swim lately, see item 2 for changes.
4. Start doing the exercises I need to strengthen my ankles.
5. Walk the Color run in San Diego on November 3 with my husband and meet up with 2 of my Spark Buddies!

For Me ~
1. Continue reading for fun, also play computer games with DH and games with friends.
2. Start attending the occasional SCA event again. It was good to see friends at the one event I attended recently.
3. Spend at least one night with bff for girlís night out each month.

Other ~
1. I really need to get moving on this one. I have less than a month left before I leave. Now thenÖ time to step it up and Just Do It. I will have my house clean enough before I leave that I will not be ashamed to have my friend stay while Iím away.
I knowÖ do I really trust my friend enough to give her access to my home while Iím away? Yes! She lived in our back house one summer. Sheís a true friend and as honest as they come.
2. Write a novel in November (NANO WRIMO). I have a good start on this. I have been working on plot/character development this past week. I believe I can do this.

So there it is the changes Iím going to make. Iíd have loved to be in the 150ís for the trip. I donít see how that can accomplish that with as slowly as I lose weight. I was hoping that stepping it up for those couple of weeks would spark something more. Right now I am sitting at 0.1lb away from two and a half pounds lost for the past 6-weeks which is 0.4lbs lost on average per week right now. For me? Thatís really good. Iím trending down even if it is slower than Iíd like. However, this is during the hardest time of year for me. The transition from the warm, sunny weather to the dreary, colder, darker weather of the fall/winter seasons. Fall especially seems to affect me more as the temperature swings wildly from the 60ís to the 80/90s and back again in the same week.

We do need some rain out here, desperately. Otherwise fire season will be truly horrendous with a lot of fires that spread quickly because there is no moisture to help stop the spread. But I truly hate rainy days, especially when I have to be out in them and thunder storms?! Well, I still donít like them at all and want to climb into my husbandís skin when it starts.

But really what Iím going to focus on for the rest of this round is having fun! To make this journey something I WANT to do rather than HAVE to do. I wish I could feel that way about cleaning as well. Most of the problem is paper. My husband wants to shred anything that has our address on it, but doesnít actually do it. And as for me, wellÖ I get tired of doingÖ everything to do with cleaning in our house. Now, I canít change him. He wonít help on a consistent basis, after 21 + years together I have to accept the fact that if I want it clean, Iíll have to do it myself, for myself.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a successful fall season!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
EILEA73 10/29/2012 9:34PM

What a great attitude to have about making it fun!

As for the cleaning's exactly how it is with my kids! I feel like if I want it done right/complete then I have to do it myself. I make them do it then I'm right behind them doing it the right way, but it just gets frustrating!

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ZANNACHAN 10/29/2012 8:24PM

    I think you have a great attitude, all told! You know what you need to do--and I love it that you want to relax and enjoy it, rather than stressing out about it. I need to borrow some of that since, like you, I'm doing well to lose a half pound a week and I struggle with getting frustrated because I feel like I "should" be getting more, faster results.... and, like you, this time of year is hard for me---too dark, too cold, and much too dreary. And I think focusing on having fun (like your rock climbing!) is a great way to counter that.

You can do it!!!

P.S. PAPER is the bane of my existence. You would think with computers and electronic billing etc. that it wouldn't be as big of an issue... and we're not even shredding everything with our address on it (why bother since I'm pretty sure you can find our address using google).... but still, PAPER. Everywhere. Drafts and articles and photocopies and mail and coupons and receipts that need to be saved and....

Comment edited on: 10/29/2012 8:27:48 PM

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FLUTTEROFSTARS 10/28/2012 8:50PM

    I love your attitude. Let's "Just do it!"

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ANGRITTER 10/25/2012 1:32PM

    Definitely start to have fun, especially with the seasons changing and SAD ready to set in on everyone. Not sure if you suffer from that, but I think everyone does to some point. And the holidays are coming up, so it's definitely time for some fun!

And remember that smiling makes you healthier! I read a whole article on it on I blogged about it is you need to find the article.

Oh, and about the shredding. My father does this as well and he have the oldest and slowest shredder in the world. So I gather everything up and burn it in a barrel outside. It's faster and I don't mind bundling up and sitting around a fire for a hal hour while things burn. It's actually quite relaxing for me.

And of the books I had to burn that the mice got into and destroyed, the one book that did not completely burn is a book called "Fire Sale". Ironic, huh?

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MONETRUBY 10/24/2012 10:49PM

    I like that you want to have fun with the rest of the round. In order to stay the course on a life-long journey like we're on, you have to enjoy it, not look at it as a chore. Good for you on that one!

While you may not be losing as much as you'd like, you are still LOSING, and that is the most important part. You're doing a great job!

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SEAWILLOW 10/24/2012 2:38PM have a full plate? Glad you have someone to trust to watch over your pets while you are gone! ...I clutter table tops..the rest is pretty good..and I enjoy doing laundry! .
Will we be able to read your novel?

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