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For the Guys, On Behalf Of Women Everywhere

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'll come right to the point: Guys, we women like for you to have butts. And it seems that as you age, if you don't get your.... er... butts into the gym, you wind up with flat backsides.

This flattening pretty much expressly comes from sitting a lot. I can spot a guy with a desk job who never visits the gym within 100 feet: Wide, flat, and almost narrow at the very bottom. Yeah, guys- We women notice nice butts on men that are in their 40's and beyond. It impresses us. If you have one, endeavor to keep it. If you don't, get to the gym and get one!

Now, I'm a gal who loves a nicely defined upper body. I'm a self-admitted chest girl. But true fitness is displayed in a man in his midsection and his butt. That's the area that takes the most self discipline for you guys to build up and maintain. So while a moundy muscular chest gets my initial attention, I have respect for a man in mid-life with nice glutes.

Not only is it about appearance, but having a well-developed lower body is good for your health and quality of life. A strong lower body will carry you around longer, be less likely to suffer things like back problems in the lumbar spine that so often start hitting men in their 40's, and greatly reduce your likelihood of suffering broken bones when you fall as you age. (Does hip replacement surgery sound like fun?)

Chances are that if I have inspired you to go to the gym, you will head for variations on the squat and leg press, because not only are those the grand-daddy of moves to develop the lower body, but they're also done on masculine equipment: REAL men use the big plates. (Insert caveman-type laugh here.)

But the fact is that the guys I see with good butts in midlife and beyond are the ones in the gym that aren't too proud to do lunges, step-ups, all variations of split squats, and cable kickbacks. And you'll see them getting cardio sometimes on the step-type equipment. Yeah, I know all those have the rep of being girly, but they do NOT create a girly look for you guys! They create a butt that gets our attention.

We women miss your butts! Please, bring them back!

Guys, are you listening? And women, do you agree?
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