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Revisiting My Goals

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When I wrote my goals, I knew that they were SMART goals and attainable. As I read over them and ponder why I haven't achieved them, I realize that I didn't follow through on a few important ones. The main ones being "stay in range" and "track every bite". I won't use the excuse that I'm traveling - I still have my laptop, my food scale and Sparks. Even though it's been difficult tracking food because other people are inviting us to their houses for dinner or we're eating out - the fact is that I haven't TRIED to track so I don't KNOW what my intake is. I'm encouraged that I haven't gained weight which would have been a given in the past but I'm not working the program. With the mid-challenge review, I'm going to commit myself to tracking and staying in range for the rest of the trip and the rest of the challenge! Fortunately, I have kept up with my exercise (but not so good with the ST). Needs work!


Long term goal – get into a healthy BMI range

Short term goal – Onederland

I will reach my goal by:

My WW Program Plan
-stay in my points range
-eat a minimum of 2 veggies a day
-eat freggies for snacks
-weigh or measure everything
-track every bite

My Exercise Plan
-at least 20 minutes of exercise a day (6 days a week)
-ST three days a week
-mix it up (do 30 Day Shred 3 times a week)

Weight goals met:
215 –Starting weight
210 – Budweiser calendar (really!)
205 – Candace Camp book
200 - Coca Cola lady
195 – Pedicure & manicure
190 –
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