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Quite a week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I gained a little this week (about a pound and a half). I did switch my scale to a digital.. which adds 5.4 lbs.. but it is way easier to get a good reading with it than with the dial scale. I have been losing inches though, so that is always good.

I am going to get a gait analysis tomorrow for new running shoes at a local running store.. I tried running this week and I was reaalllyy hurting (the sides of my ankles), I am pretty sure it's my shoes. I love to run, I want to run so bad.. I can't wait to get the shoes darnitt!! And my next 5k is The Color Run on Jan 26th! Once I get these new shoes I am going to start seriously training for it. I actually realized that I can run from work to my house, it is 2.6 miles.. and there is another route later that I can take that is exactly 3.1 miles!! I am going to start off with 1 mile first then taking the bus the rest of the way home, and eventually get all the way home. 2 work days a week I will do it and 1 non work day a week I will run around my house. Incorporate strength training and elliptical again, and I will be good!

I eventually want to do a half marathon.. and then a marathon!! I am adding it to my goal list :D

I have been slipping with candy this week.. stupid me, I bought candy and a cauldron and stuck it on my desk for my team at work... even putting it on the desk next to me tempts me. Food has been so tempting around me.. very very very tempting.. and I seem to be giving in.. although last week it was a little less that I was giving into. But I have been having problems with portion sizes. I can't seem to get full at smaller portions. I AM doing better than the past couple weeks. But I am still not exactly to where I want to be food-wise.

But no matter what, I know that this will take time. This won't take just a week or 2 to change.

I went blonde for Halloween!! I am happy with it, it looks awesome!!

I took a comparison pic this morning, I don't see any difference, but I have been through a lot since week 7, so I am just happy I am maintaining and learning at the same time.. and not gaining everything back.
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    I totally see a difference! Good for you! I dig the blonde myself as well.

    New hair give us new outlooks...a change that we didn't have to "earn" It's refreshing.

    Yes, get some good shoes. It will make all the difference in the world!

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    1971 days ago
    the blonde is really cute! and i totally see a difference in those photos- emoticon You are doing great!!
    1972 days ago
    Love the blonde! Hope you get the shoes you need so you can enjoy running. Filling your plate with more lower calorie foods like greens etc... can really help get full on the stuff that is smaller portion but more calories. I also find taking fiber in my water first thing in the morning really helps me stay on track for the day. I also keep fresh fruits around-right now it's apples & pears for the season. When it comes to candy etc... there are only certain things I like so I avoid buying them as much as possible. I try to buy things I don't like but others do like so they can enjoy it but I'm not tempted to eat it. Same with soda, chips etc... I try to find things I won't eat but they will to keep in the house. If I do take a cookie or something (which isn't often) but I make sure I just plan it into my calories for the day. So having some candy I think is fine as long as you don't over do it & count it. :) Have a great week. (HUGS)
    1973 days ago
  • KAESEA78
    You can DEFINITELY see a difference!!!!! I hope your new shoes are the solution to your pain so you can get on with your running goals. Good luck lady and I am so glad I don't like candy but chips and dip, chips and salsa and mexican food in general are my downfall :/
    1974 days ago
  • JENNY160
    I made the mistake of putting mini candy bars (for the kids we see in our office) in a pumpkin on a desk at work. After the original bag of candy was gone, we agreed not to *ever* do that again. I don't think a single kid got one of those candy bars LOL We still keep treats in it for the kiddos we test, but the treats are pencils, and stickers, and erasers, etc. Funny, those things don't tempt me.
    1974 days ago
    First off, love the blonde! I think I already told u that...

    Second, You can DEF see a diff in those pics..You're losing, girl! How much have u lost? You can see it in your stomach. From photo 1-photo 7 there's a big diff...Is it the same shirt? Yeah, you're definately doing GREAT! emoticon emoticon

    Next--Halloween is tough. There is candy EVERYWHERE! Temptation is hard and portions are tough too. I know I have a hard time when it's my TOM..is that the case for you? Sometimes, we try so hard for so long that we just NEED to have a treat (an extra helping, a bigger portion) just something more...Like last night we went to IHOP and I stayed good with the "simple and fit" chicken sandwich and then gave in and had 2 buttermilk pancakes! I had been SO good for so long that I just needed a treat. Could that be the case? That's normal too...My advice (this is what I have done) count your calories for the day ahead of time (if possible) and allot yourself some extra calories for an extra helping or for a treat. That way, you're not going over your ranges and u won't get upset with yourself. I know my weight loss isn't dramatic like some others on here, but I'm not gaining and I am losing, so I must be doing something right..Lol. emoticon In my case, it's the med that's hindering my metabolism from being normal like everyone elses (most everyone). But, anyway, maybe try that...plan out your meals one day and see if u can "budget in" a treat whether it's candy or an extra helping at one of your meals. If u do have a bigger portion, try extra exercise to help burn off those extra calories and just don't go CRAZY with the extra. remember, they say everything is ok in moderation. If u have a little extra, make it just that, a little.

    I also would try to keep the candy somewhere where it's out of my "grabbing reach". Maybe on another coworkers desk..IDK..wherever u can if it's that tempting.

    But, I think you're doing fantastic! I think you're just feeling normal things and your body is just adjusting to it's new "form" and you're gonna be just fine and everything is ok in moderation. Extra exercise is good and planning ahead is good.

    I hope any of these suggestions helped! Keep up the awesome work you're doing! You will continue to shine, lady!


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    1974 days ago
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