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You Can't Eat Just One French Fry!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I learned a lesson today.....an IMPORTANT lesson! I can NOT eat just a couple french fries!!! emoticon

I'm in Chicago, away from home, and chasing an almost 2 year-old barn-storming little speed demon on wheels around for a week. I've lost 3 pounds since I've been here, but it has been just the "little one" and me most of the time and I've been fixing the meals, sooooo, food really hasn't been a problem, buuuuuutttttttt..........

GD's other GPs came to visit today. We always have a great time together and enjoy our children and mutual grandchildren, so that was a good thing! Gma M and I pick over the last of D and Son-in-law's wonderful vegetable garden (hey, they're in Florida, and the garden is winding down anyway), emoticon emoticon and then Gma M says, "We're treating... Italian beef sandwiches from Johnny's. You take the orders, and I'll drive!"

So off we go to Johnny's where the line is out the door. We immediately make friends with the lady behind us who won $20,000 on Family Feud, and a car on The Price is Right! I asked if I could touch her for good luck.....tacky, huh?!? She said yes! lololol

So - the order was: 3 hot dogs for the kids (they come with fries)
4 Italian beef (yummmm) sandwiches for the adults, Oh I didn't tell you SinL's Brother and his kids were there too!
4 French Fries (they're big, and if you are keeping count, we are up to 7 orders of fries now!)
2 Italian Ice Lemonades (like sno cones, only the ice is super fine)
1 Diet Pepsi (not for me, I don't like soda)
and then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Alright, the Italian beef was deliciously yummy and I didn't feel bad about that, but all of a sudden I realized I was mainlining french fries!!!!! Fast!!!!

You have to realize I never go out to fast food at home and I usually don't buy french fries, and I don't particularly like them unless they are super crunchy......and these were so NOT crunchy, but did that stop me?????? NOOooooooo!

When consciousness reared its head, I asked, "Who wants fries?" and the 2 guys did so I quickly, like a rabbit, passed them all over to the male eaters at the table! But the damage had already been done.

I have come to the horrible conclusion that I am not safe around food unless I can plan it, and I definitely wasn't planning this meal!!!

Now I have another trip to Chi-town in November, with a river cruise on the Danube in the middle of Nov., then back to Chicago for Thanksgiving, and Christmas in Philadelphia......the opportunities for overeating are going to be abundant and costly if I don't seriously think about my meals and plan ahead. emoticon PORTIONS and CONSCIOUS eating are my lessons here.

I'm not really worried about eating so much today, (I have a tummy ache, and desire nothing more for the rest of the day!) I know I'll be able to be good for the rest of the time here, but I learned an important lesson.

I really thought I had conquered my "bad" eating habits, and developed "good" habits......
Little did I know, they were lying in wait for me! emoticon

So now that I know, I really have to plan ahead, and think about how I'm going to handle those temptations! emoticon (There he is again!)

Oh well, lesson learned, and I have my little emoticon angel (read speed demon) to keep me happy and busy. Plan, plan, plan!!! That is my new motto!

Oh, and I'm so off of French Fries! The thought of them makes me feel a little woozy, (that's probably because I ate too many of them already!) emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are right--you can't be NEAR french fries or bread or pie or whatever your down fall is! I just avoid them--don't sit by them, don't take one till it is the LAST one so I can't have more....
    1906 days ago
    LOLRemember, it's a life style change. One meal, one day, one bite is nothing to beat yourself up over. You've got a whole Meal, day or week to make better choices emoticon
    1941 days ago
    It's ok. French fries are not part of your everyday eating habit. Once in a while it is ok within reason. it is something that we should not indulge in. However we sometimes do. So remember tomorrow is a new day. emoticon
    1945 days ago
    Yeah, you *did* some damage, BUT... get this... consciousness *did* return, and you acted on it! Sounds like forward motion to ME! emoticon
    1946 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    I LOVE french fries and do plan for them. What I have learned is that it is rare for me to not find something in my calorie range, but if I do, I shrug it off. As long as we are doing the right thing 80% of the time, we will succeed!

    1946 days ago
    Love that you turned this into a learning opportunity and really appreciate your upbeat and humorous take to a little slip! You got this!
    1946 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1946 days ago
    Looks like you learned some valuable info about yourself - which is awesome! It sound like you have a good attitude about this situation...in the long run - no harm, no foul.

    Keep up the good work!

    1947 days ago
    Yep...old habits die hard. I wonder if they really ever do!

    The key is to always keep that awareness up - and make conscious decisions.

    You're better than I - I'd have taken the fun excursion as an opportunity to LET myself indulge! Kudos to you for giving up the rest of the fries!

    1947 days ago
    Don't worry. When you slip up, learn from it and go on. It's really no big deal. Just get back on track. I know you can do it. emoticon The thing is, don't beat yourself up about it. I slip up too, and it's something I have to learn.
    1947 days ago
    The hubs wanted to go to McD's today... so I got a McDouble and a yogurt parfait and a bottle of water. NO FRIES. I ate two of his, decided they were yucky, and went back to my yogurt. ;) Pizza, however, is another thing altogether!
    1947 days ago
    Lovely blog,I Love French Fries too , the crunchy kind.
    Relax , you will do fine , there is NO french fries in Europe,.....
    There is however Pommes Frites, and if you look at the French ladies,
    obviously the P F's have NO FAT at all . emoticon eat eat and eat ,,,,,
    you will be as thin as a stick (or a FF),coming back.
    Actually , no kidding I usually stay the same or lose a LB while in Europe
    still eating all my fav's from childhood

    emoticon .

    1947 days ago
    MMMmmm, french fries, pizza, tacos, those are my drug s of choice, lol
    1947 days ago
    French fries are an attractive nuisance! The little ones never finish theirs and I end up eating them because "they are there". I can't handle buffets either! Best to eat at home and only eat stuff I cook from scratch or almost scratch. But, that's no fun! emoticon
    Enjoy your river cruise. We went on one a couple of years ago on the Viking something or other and had a great time. We especially enjoyed the guided tours every day. We would like to take another one someday.

    1947 days ago
    Yep, I understand. I have the same problem with potato chips!
    1947 days ago
    Yes. All those french fries in one place were a diet disaster waiting to happen. Try to see it as a test sent to you by the "Spark goddess" to test your resolve. We get into such a safe place with our food tracker that when we are loosed out upon the world without it, we are then tested. If you want to burn those calories right off though; may I suggest turning the Grand kids loose in Toys R Us for the afternoon? Give them a 2 minute head start and the fries will be gone in no time!

    emoticon emoticon
    1947 days ago
    Oh I'm with you on this. Bread is my downfall, every time, so the point where I rarely buy it. One slice? Half a loaf, more like. I just can't stop myself, and the problem is it's such an everyday food too.
    1947 days ago
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