1 year on my journey (pictures)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This month I have been on my journey for a year. Lost a total of atleast 10-12lbs. I know not much -- but I KNOW what I am doing wrong and I am going to CORRECT it from here on out.

When I ate this weekend .. I learned to cut down my meals and incorporate veggies/fruit with every meal and I was successful. Friday we had tacos (usually I will eat 3-4 soft shell tacos) BUT on Friday I had 1 soft shell taco with cottage cheese and carrots. I didn't go back for another taco. I was happy with myself, I was full and SATISIFIED. Last night we had goulosh, so instead of just eating that .. I made me a little salad and had some cottage cheese. I didn't feel all gross. I was again PROUD of myself for making that decision. I am still learning -- thats why this is a journey.

I wanted to share my 1 year photos.

This was my very first picture last october. and this is todays picture (still in progress)

This picture I started wearing that blue MEDIUM shirt.

I also took month progress pictures from sept to october but they wouldn't save -- so I will work on that later.

I want to say THANKS for the continued support. and I can't wait to see more results. With the Holiday's coming up .. we have to be STRONGER than ever!!
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