Today, I had two classes.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Did I mention before the first class, I stepped on the scale at the studio. I no longer think it’s a vanity scale, let me tell you. That’s all I’m going to mention about that.

I was in a hot spot in the studio at 10am, and had to leave when my vision started to black out. My knee was hurting very badly so I didn’t too more than half the standing series because it required locking my knee. Lots of sitting. I wasn’t able to do a good portion of the floor series either. I cursed my name for signing up for this challenge. I contemplated making all sorts of excuses to not complete my double today. Just one. Just this one. After class, I put my mat in a prime spot on the cooler side of the room and went home to change and hydrate before going to the 1pm.

1pm’s class was a pleasant surprise. I thought there was going to be an instructor I haven’t had before but it was Shyam again. I set my goal for class to try each posture once. He reminded me to let it go after each set. I felt like it was just me and him in the room. I did Triangle TWICE. I did Camel TWICE. I can feel my pranayama breathing getting deeper, more focused. I get more and more lightheaded and come right back out of it into more energy and focus.

This afternoon was a strong class.

I thought that my right knee was bothering me in a bad way, that maybe it’s on the verge of dislocating again. Obviously, this is a very big concern. I can’t afford to lose my knee again. The bottom of my right foot is hurting very badly, also. Hopefully it’s not a plantar’s wart or plantar’s fasciitis. Either way, I won’t find out until after the challenge is over. Maybe I’ll end up walking the next half marathon. I hope not.

I have a lot to be proud of, a lot to work toward. Like Shyam reminds us every day, every day is a good day, every class is a good class, every practice is a good practice. It’s just going to class and giving it my all. Sometimes my all is different than the practice before, but I just keep moving on.

OperationChocolateMilf shared some advice she got from class to engage the core during more postures and this has really helped me to stay balanced in Standing Head to Knee and other one legged postures. My Standing Bow is improving. I only fell out like three times! I’m really working on focus and my breath, engaging my core, locking my knees, keeping my shoulders, hips, knees in one line.

Another tomorrow.

18/30 completed.
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    Two classes!! I'm impressed. I can't even get thru one - yet. emoticon
    1945 days ago
    I'm proud of you for sticking to your plan of making today a double. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your knee/foot but I know you'll do what you need to do.
    1947 days ago
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