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Week 6 WUB, BLC#16

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm posting this a day early so that I have a chance to try to meet my goals if I haven't met them consistently this week. One day at a time, right? RIGHT!

OK, first for a few emoticons because I haven't done a "what I'm proud of" blog in a while. Here goes:

- Convinced my husband (as part of the Week 6 challenges) to go hiking with me today. I let him pick the trail, and talked him into doing the long loop, which was only 1.15 miles. He struggled with his asthma and his weight. I supported him, but I took the opportunity to jog ahead of him on the hills to try to make it more of a workout. It took us 35 minutes to complete, but that included stopping for photos. ;)

Just the gorgeous fall color we were surrounded by today. It was a paved walk, so not a "true" hike, but still lovely and invigorating (for me, at least!)

One of the hills I jogged up... doesn't look nearly as steep as it felt, LOL.

After jogging up one of the hills ahead of my husband.

A lovely little creek we crossed.

- I finally got to do my mid-BLC measurements today. Oh... my... golly-gee-whiz!!! I may only be down 6.3 lbs this challenge, but I have lost 8.5 inches total from my legs, hips, waist, and bust. So, the fat is leaving, even if I'm not seeing it on the scale. I'm excited because I usually don't see the inches fall off like this. I don't think I lost 8.5 inches TOTAL last challenge, even though I lost 13 lbs. My body is getting leaner. I love it.

- I'm being proactive. I may not being doing the best and I may still be incredibly depressed, but I'm fighting and I'm being proactive. I need to give myself credit and love for my efforts. I haven't quit, and I won't.

- I actually got up one morning this week and biked for 20 minutes before starting my day. It didn't have the long-lasting effects on my day that some report, but I'm willing to keep trying it. Maybe it takes time. I would love to reduce the amount of cardio I do in the evening because I know it makes it a lot harder for me to fall asleep.

OK, so now for my specific Week 6 goals I set. My plan was to step back a bit and make my goals simpler and (hopefully) easier to attain so I could have a sense of accomplishment. How did I do?
1) Walk at least twice this week. - Nope, only went once (today).
2) Go stair running at least once this week. - Not really, but I went out of my way to do stairs every day.
3) Go to the gym at least one more time this week (I went today so that doesn't count). - Failed completely.
4) Eat at least 2 servings of veggies every day. - Done! I wasn't tracking this week, but I was hyperconscious of veggies everyday. Unfortunately, I think I overdid it on carbs. :(
5) Drink at least 11 cups of water every day this week. - Accomplished most days, but I didn't reach this goal on Tuesday and Thursday.
6) Sleep at least 6 hours a night every night this week. - Nope, failed again. I only got 5 hours on Wednesday. I got 9 on Thursday and 8 last night, though. 6 every other night this week.
And now for something new...
7) Try meditating for 3 minutes every day this week before bed. - Done. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help. The only restful night I had was last night, when I tried something new and took 100 mg of 5-HTP (a plant-derived amino acid that is a biosynthetic precursor for serotonin and melatonin). I dreamed even more vividly than usual (and I am already an extremely vivid dreamer), but had NO night terrors or nightmares! Finally, even though my sleep was active and dream-filled, I was able to awaken somewhat refreshed and not feeling like I was running for my life all night long. It was brilliant, and I am so optimistic that I may have found something to help me sleep (other than barbiturates, which I no longer will allow a doctor to prescribe for me)!!!!

Overall, I'm really, really hopeful today about beating this depression. I'm hoping that combining the 5-HTP with the St. John's Wort I already take will give me the extra push out of the fog to lift my mood a bit. And, of course, I'll keep exercising and eating healthfully. I know it will never go away, but it can be better than it is. I'm really optimistic that this new herb will help. Does anyone else take 5-HTP? And have you ever tried Eleuthero? I bought some of that, too, to try to reduce my morning caffeine consumption even more. I only consume about 75mg of caffeine a morning anyway (down from 100), but I would love to reduce it further. My energy level crashes every afternoon, and I suspect caffeine plays a role in this.

Ok, in final news... I am NOT weighing in this week. Last week, one of our challenges was to only weigh ourselves once during the week. I managed to do that, but I realized last week that not seeing another big loss made me feel less motivated this week, despite trying to pump myself up more. So, this week, I'm going to rest on my laurels and the knowledge that I have lost 8.5 inches so far. I'm just going to focus on getting my activity levels up even more, sleeping more restfully, eating for health, and improving my mood. The scale will say whatever it will say NEXT week, when I let myself weigh in again. :)

So, my goals for week 7:
1) Walk at least twice this week. Yes, try again!!
2) Go stair running at least once this week. I'm setting a day. Do it on Wednesday. ;)
3) Go to the gym at least one more time this week. Days: Sunday and Thursday (or more).
4) Eat at least 2 servings of veggies every day. Keep up the good work!!
5) Drink at least 11 cups of water every day this week. Keep working on this - you're close!!
6) Sleep at least 6 hours a night every night this week. Keep trying!
7) Try meditating for 3 minutes every day this week before bed. Think of one positive thing, too. Maybe, coupled with the new medication, it will help...
8) Read one of the uplifting poems or passages you printed out this week every day.
9) Support someone else because focusing on others helps you to also focus on you. You do this already, but it's time you acknowledge it. :)

OK, gang, I need some more water. Cheers for now!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon love the photos and getting the hubby out with you is will walk around the bock with m, but that's about it. emoticon
    1950 days ago
    Beautiful hike!
    1950 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder, Hal. I was planning to just weigh in as "maintaining" this week for BLC.

    Oh, this was a paved trail. I love hiking and don't mind the worrying about logs, roots, and whatnot, but he picked the trail and he picked a paved one. He's like you, he would rather not worry about those things, generally. It was nice, I admit, because I could much more easily jog up the hills. I would gladly go again, and the fall colors were great. It was also peaceful and not many people were out.

    I am still exercising... just not hitting it as hard and as often as I was a few weeks ago. Where I've definitely slacked off is in the ST department. I need to work on that more, but again... baby steps. I have such low energy levels, I'm lucky if I can bike for 30 or 40 minutes without every joint just screaming at me. But some activity is better than none at all, and today was definitely better. It was nice to get outside and get my heart pumping. Getting restful sleep definitely helps!
    1950 days ago
    Nice photos! I hate walking in the woods, the idea of having to think too hard about where I step and what will happen to a rock or branch or stump when I walk over it is unsettling.

    I actually call my car Laurel, sometimes Jensen, sometimes Laurel-Jensen. Because I can't distinguish it's gender :-P However I totally love the word laurels!

    Good luck with the exercising! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and just get bored with the idea of exercising, so it's important to stick with the diet and getting in what we can of exercise without getting sick of it.

    Good luck with the not weighing in. Make sure to post last week's weight for this week since your not technically weighing in for BLC. I remember someone else did (or so I thought they did) it that way for the rest of BLC 15.
    1950 days ago
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