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No Not Again !

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, on top of the fact that I suffered a concussion and whiplash in July which is what gives me the daily severe headaches, I suffered an injury today. emoticon
I was standing at the top of my stair calling my dog Whiskey to come inside. She started to run down the driveway instead. As I headed down the cement stairs I fell right down them. Thank God there are only 4. All I could think of in those few seconds was to guard my head. When I got to the bottom I felt and heard a few crunching noises. I suddenly couldn't breathe and had severe pain in my right side and chest. I kept trying to call my hubby's name but could barely talk. Meanwhile my husband is pulling in the driveway, parks, and starts playing and greeting both dogs. I am in pain. He then proceeds to walk toward me and realizes that I was hurt. Helps me get up and takes me inside. He immediately started to clean up all the blood from the scrapes I got in both shins and left knee. Pretty bloody emoticon At that point I started to get stronger pain and abdominal pain and I also started to get pain in that same shoulder blade. Well my dear hubby took me to the emergency room. Luckily my hubby is a city firefighter and paramedic so he knows a lot of the nurses and doctors there. They did my intake and I only waited about an hour before I got in. It was packed so an hour was a blessing. They immediately took some x-rays. Came in with some dilautan and drugged me up . The nurse also cleaned up my legs from all the blood with some good soapy water with antibiotic or something like that. I have a total of 3 broken ribs. Yup you heard me 3. I couldn't just be normal and break 1 or maybe even 2, Nope 3 emoticon So I will be leaving to Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas next Friday and get to do it all with 3 broken ribs and scrapes and black and blues up and down both legs. Only me. emoticon Well I guess if I have to be in pain at least I will have it on a beautiful ,tropical, sunny island huh. emoticon
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