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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have had so much going on in my head during the past 2 weeks that I’m not sure where I am or what’s going on. They have been a blur and I really don’t remember much. Where to begin?

So on the first of October I started a challenge and as most of you probably know someone else won it in 1-day… 100,000 steps… one day! Seems to me someone cheated but that’s not my call to make. I got depressed and lost all motivation for about 20 minutes. Then my husband challenged me to take as many steps as I could for that week (Monday – Saturday night). I would get $1.00 for every 1,000 steps. I would get $1.00 additional for every 5,000 steps before Friday night when I left on an overnight trip with my bff.

So I got $201.00 total and took over 170,000 steps that week. Part of my prize was also to go rock climbing that Sunday if I had over 100,000 steps before Friday when I left. Blew that one out of the park. On Sunday, both DH & I weren’t feeling well so we put off the rock climbing for a week. I wasn’t feeling good last weekend (rain and damp cold weather to hot weather just had my joints (especially fingers) hurting. So we are going this Sunday! Sweet.

Here is my steps breakdown for the challenge for that week with Zanna.

10/3 Wed – 38,511
10/4 Thu – 24,738
10/5 Fri – 21,107
10/6 Sat – 16,710
10/7 Sun – 8,349
10/8 Mon – 11,397
10/9 Tue – 10,658

As you can see I got tired and also a little achy with my left (weakest) ankle swelling most nights I had to slow down a little. Last week’s steps breakdown:

10/10 Wed – 12,448
10/11 Thu – 15,097
10/12 Fri – 11,666
10/13 Sat – 8,756
10/14 Sun – 11,615
10/15 Mon – 8,015
10/16 Tue – 10,412

As you can see I didn’t do as much this week step wise as last. On Monday I completed a challenge to earn a new badge on the other site called the TrailBlazer for walking for 30+ active minutes for 30 days straight. Sweet! Now I’m aiming for the WALKstar, which is 60 days in a row of 7,000+ steps a day. Because of my battery dying in September, I have already gotten 34 days (including today) which means I should earn the badge the day before we leave for the cruise. And who knows I may even make the 500,000-step goal before the cruise too. LOL!

That’s about as far as my motivation has gotten me. Eating was pretty good for the first part of the month. I loved the fact that Spark People had me upping my food intake significantly last week. Well, when you’re exercising for over an hour or two (before AND after work) you’ll burn more calories. Then last week… eep! I even stopped tracking my food so I’m not sure exactly what I ate. Sigh. I did move my estimated calorie burn back down to something closer to what I normally do which of course lowered my calorie range again. I am trying to remember to eat well even though this is the week before treatment. Monday was really, really bad with chili cheese fries, Fig Newtons and way too much other food. Yesterday was better although not the healthiest I could have eaten. I even stayed in calorie range. Which really surprised me when I realized that I was just 2 short days away from my next treatment. Thankfully I didn’t do too much damage as I’m only up 0.2 lbs. Which is better than I normally do the week before the treatment. Also I have been MUCH more active with at least 30 active minutes a day… no excuses. If I don’t get up and do it before work I at least have been able to do it after work.
Now I just have to be able to continue that for another 26 days. Maybe by then it will be a habit. Then all I’d need to do is add to this base. Maybe, by adding in some more intense activities and strength training after I get back from my vacation. I’m planning to take some of the fitness center’s classes on board the ship. That means packing several nicer exercise outfits. That may be where some of my money goes but I really need new work clothes too. We’ll see what I get. Probably will go shopping early November after the Color Run 5K.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW! Congrats on your $201.01 earend walking. When you said you would get $1.00 per 1000 steps, I thought this a rather measly sum I di not stop to think that it could amount to this sum. Of course, I obviously was thinking how small $1.00 was,

    Perhaps that ispart of my journey's issue, looking at the smallness instead of the big picture that I can earn so much more if I try just a little harder for a short time.

    Youe experience has certianly shown me how a smal item can be SO large,

    Congrats on yuor achievements.
    1948 days ago
    So glad hubby was able to help motivate you to continue, even after the disappointment of not winning the challenge. I am in awe of all that walking! That is an amazing accomplishment! Keep up the good work on that front, and keep taking baby steps with the eating. I feel for you there-I can get the movement in, but it's the eating that gets me every time.

    1950 days ago
    You're amazing!!! I can barely fathom taking that many steps in a week - you're incredibly!! And very inspiring!

    I love the idea of monetary rewards on a daily basis for meeting fitness goals. I think I should implement something like that - sounds like fun!
    1950 days ago
    You are doing GREAT! RA can put the kibosh on some activities for us when we're achy but you're pushing through and owning it! I agree with Fitnhealthykal. Focus on what you are doing not on what you're not doing!

    By the way, can I add those steps to our Hiking Through Europe challenge?

    Have a great day and remember, emoticon
    1951 days ago
    You are doing great! Remember, don't look at the past; look at the future! emoticon emoticon
    1951 days ago
    emoticon job on getting in all those steps in! I'm in awe--literally--at everything you accomplished! WAY TO GO! And I love that you have a game plan in place for the next month or so, too--keep up the great work!

    I still need to post my steps--I meant to do it yesterday but I had a nasty headache and just couldn't bring myself to do it and now I'm trying to catch up on all the work that didn't get done when my head was melting so.. yeah. But I'm still tracking and will get it posted eventually! I'm not doing as well as you are--but I'm still trucking just to keep you on your toes if nothing else, LOL!

    1951 days ago
    Sweetie, focus on what you ARE doing rather than what you are NOT because there are 24 hours in each day and you can only do so much. The walking challenge is a HUGE one and you committed to it and look what you've done!!!!!!

    Would new workout clothes motivate you? If not, you've not going to see these folks again, so don't worry about it and wear what you have. That phrase is very freeing to me somehow. My daughter Briana says it to me often and I now "own" it and it really helps when I'm feeling schlumpadinka. Am I ever going to see these people again? Who cares! Try it! Of course if you will, that's another story so maybe spend some of that money on things that will make you feel better and make you strut your stuff a little - Victoria Secret perhaps! :::ducking:::

    Be proud of those steps Island Sister! I am very proud of you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1952 days ago
  • _LINDA
    That is some fabulous stepping! You can only do what your body will allow. Strength training is a must, you don't want to lose bone density.
    Enjoy your cruise and what you find for exercise on it!
    1952 days ago
    One day at a time girlee!! One foot in front of the other! This is a journey that will go in different directions! Just keep pushing forward!!! Your steps AMAZE me!!! emoticon
    1952 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. I feel like if I don't get my walk in I can't do anything else. So walking keeps me motivated. It used to be the last thing I would do in a day, but now I want to get up and get moving early because it makes me want to do more.

    Congratulations on all those steps!!

    1952 days ago
    You are encouraging me to walk emoticon Good to read you again!
    1952 days ago
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