What's your Inspiration?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I started out today in a funk, reading facebook updates. I am honestly sick of reading everyone's political stances. I was raised that there are 2 things we don't talk about outside the home, politics & religion. That's all I'm saying..

So, while reading my Spark peeps status' I notice BONOLICIOUS2's and go to read her newest blog. Here is a member I have always felt I connected with and she is writing about being in a rough patch in the garden. Luckily, though she is recognizing it and digging past the weeds, thanking all of us for our support. That is what I love about Sparkpeople, we are all there for each other, no judging, no ridicule just pure support from people all over the world without even asking for it, it's just understood and given.

Life gets in the way for all of us at different times, but we find inspiration to bring us back...

So, what's your inspiration?

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