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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I had the biggest smile ever plastered on my face this morning!!!!!

I hadn't lost anything since... forever. I've been up and down 2 pounds since JULY. It's three months without any change - and I was so tired of it!
Transform is really working well for me :) of course it started a while ago (three weeks ago actually) but I couldn't really take part in it 100% until this week, because of my teeth surgery.

I'm the lowest I've ever been - 160.4 pounds, which was my weight on August 13th. So 2 months later I'm back and ready to hit the 150's. Which will just feel so freakin' amazing. NEXT WEEK!

And I only started my meal plan Sunday! I'm already feeling a ton of positive changes since then. Maybe I'm being overpositive with the meal plan, but it's helped me control myself so much... I'm not tempted to eat anything, at any time, hungry or not. I had the bad habit of eating a toast with margarine or chocolate spread right before bed, or eating a lot of candy (my sister and boyfriend keep buying Halloween candy and leaving it in the kitchen, grrr). Now if I really want to eat these things, well, they gotta be part of my meal plan, and I CAN put them in my meal plan - but I don't WANT to. I don't want to "waste" my sugar and fat portions with candy or chocolate spread. I'm using my fat portions for peanut butter in the morning, and oil for cooking, and my sugar portion for a piece of dark chocolate after supper. For dinner I'm having fruit as dessert. And I'm highly satisfied with everything. I don't feel hungry - and when I do, I eat veggies, and drink a lot of water, and BAM! Hunger gone.

I'm really excited about next Monday, aka my next weigh in, because I know I'm going to be under 160. Which is a number I've never, ever seen on the scale. Ever since I started using a scale in my teenage years I was over 160 pounds. It feels amazing to be 22 and to be smaller than when I was 14...!

160 pounds also marks my next treat... I haven't treated myself in a long, long time, because I do so for every 5 pounds lost, and I hit 165 in mid-June... so it's been 4 months without a treat. Oops! Next one is new workout clothes. I don't really need pants - and don't need t-shirts at all (I have so many -_-) - but I really, really need new bras. Mines are just too big now and I feel weird when I see my reflection in the window when I run on the treadmill. Boobs bouncing around, not fun.

But I'm even more excited for 155 pounds, because that's my biggest treat: new tattoo!!! I got my last one exactly a year ago and I want another one real bad (I have 3 so far). I still have ideas for 4 more tattoos, hahaha. So I have to make up my mind and decide which one I want the most... in -5 pounds :)

I'm really proud of myself, and really excited about losing weight again. Three months of nothing is ENOUGH. (And my measurements have been going up since July... ugh.)
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