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Exercise can be weird.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who came up with the idea that exercising with a bunch of strangers is fun. The promotional fliers for gyms are always littered with the smiling faces of perfectly toned people, rampant discussion by the water cooler, and not a sweaty face to be had.

1. Most people are not smiling when they work out. It's usually not some joyous occasion. Anyway, if you were just smiling to yourself, I'm pretty sure everyone would think something is wrong with you.

2. No one talks to each other. The creation of the ear bud and iPod have also squashed any dreams of chatting it up by the rowing machine. Yes, there are a few exceptions; friends that come in together, overly talkative people, etc, but in general don't expect to fraternize.

3. I have only met a few people that look really good at the gym. (and I workout at the college rec center!) The secret to their sweat-free face is they aren't working very hard. They probably don't even need to work out. They just want to be seen working out cause that's what the cool kids do. Or they are petrified about looking bad in front of other humans. You can usually tell who these people are before they start; makeup, perfect ponytail, too fashionable gym clothes... ***disclaimer: I'm sure there are people to work hard and don't sweat, but I haven't met them***

4. Why aren't there more fat people at the gym??? Has everyone reached their goal or do they just wait till they have a gym body? I'm usually the only big girl there and I want to make sure I didn't just miss the rapture.

Honestly I'm just not a fan of people watching me do something I'm not good at. I can walk just fine or even run, but ask me to figure out the toture-like equipment in front of the football team: No Thanks. I've had 26 years to work on my walking skills, but I'm relatively new to the rest.

Also, aren't most other exercises just a touch embarrassing? Doing squats and downward dog in certain styles of yoga pants can get downright pornographic. C'mon people.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out what exercises are publicly acceptable. For example, if I start doing burpees at staff meeting: On the positive side, I'd get out of staff meeting, but I probably wouldn't have a job. Walking seems to be acceptable, and running has become extremely popular. (They're always like "I ran like 500 miles last weekend" and I'm like, "I walked 2 miles because I've got sh*t to do, Carl"...)

I've been really consistent with my walking, but I know I'll get bored. I have the spark workout unopened on my dresser, so I will start that when it is colder. But I need something to do that isn't completely boring and won't make me look like a fool.

Let's be real, what exercises do you do in public, and which ones do you keep in the bedroom? Any recommendations???

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    I've never stepped foot into a commercial gym so I can't comment on your observations but like BIKECHIC1 I love to break a sweat. Huffing, puffing, eyes stinging from the salty drops rolling down, it's all great. I keep it pretty simple, stationary bike and free weights so no leaning curve there. GREAT photo, BTW.
    1951 days ago
    Sweetie, I don't know which gym you workout at but it doesn't sound real. At the gym where I go, there are lots of varying sized people to the morbidly obese to the skinny 'gym bunny', that do a few paces on the treadmill and spend the rest of the time chatting to their friends.

    When I do my workout, I get hot, sweaty, red faced and start gasping for breath while actually smiling like a loon in the process and I smile because I actually like getting hot and sweaty while working out, it makes me feel I've achieved something. Most people at least say 'good morning' or 'hello', when going pass but the reason most people don't strike up a conversation is because they don't want to put you off your rhythm but they will talk to you in the changing room when you've finished and it's amazing how many people started the gym for the same reason...to lose weight and get healthy.

    Don't despair, keep it up it does get easier.

    I do 40 mins treadmill
    30/40 mins on the powerbike
    15 mins on the cross trainer
    varied weight machines
    dumbbell kickbacks
    shoulder presses
    forward lunges
    crunches and modified pushups.

    All at the gym.
    1956 days ago
    I close the door to my office to do some exercise in my office. Then in the exercise room here at work I usually just walk, bike or elliptical. So I guess I'm one of the ones who don't want to shake, rattle and roll for someone else.
    1956 days ago
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