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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am not dieting and I am proud to say that.

I have "dieted" in the past and when I met my goal weight and did not have to "diet"¨ I ate myself past my original starting point. Why? Because dieting implies that I am denying myself of tasty food in order to reach a certain weight. That self-denial makes that food choice seem even tastier than it really is ...okay there may be a few exceptions :) but you get the point.

For years I hated the "D"¨ word..in fact the only thing worse in my book was the "E"¨ word. Just saying those words out loud would get me so wound up that I would get a stomachache and drop 5 lbs. I think this was my body's way of trying to convince me to NOT do the "E" or "D"words...

So you ask if the fat girl isn't dieting or exercising how is she losing weight? MODERATION and healthier choices. We stopped buying things that had labels with ingredients that were chemicals and not food. We signed up for a CSA. Aside from some grains/flour/etc we only shop the perimeter of the store and I go to lots of stores for the food we are eating. We started eating off of our salad plates. Does this mean I never eat chocolate? Good heavens no, but it's done in moderation. I know my "problem foods". For example, if a plate of brownies is in my house I WILL eat the plate of brownies. I do not have enough self-control to not eat them. So does this mean no brownies? Nope. Instead, I bake brownies and bring them to work! I get one brownie and the rest are gone before my temptation gets me to eat another. I also do not exercise. Don' get all shocked. Instead I'm doing healthy movement. Potato, potato I know but I still can't get past the stigma of the "E"¨ word. The"E"word has negative connotations in my brain and I correlate it to punishment so I just can't do it.

Now, when I reach my goal weight I will still be eating the same way I am eating today. Will I gain some weight? Probably, but only a few pounds not the full amount lost. And it will be because I have established a healthier lifestyle. Not only eating healthier but keeping myself active. It was rainy the other day and just a year ago that would have meant lying on the couch and vegging out to the TV. I sat down to watch a tivo'd show and made it half way before being too antsy to just stay watching I had to do something. That is a lifestyle change that no diet will ever do for you...

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    Changed your life style! Good for you! I have changed my lifestyle also. Now we eat to live, not live to eat. I still eat the same things only about half the quantity. I am much more aware of the number of calories in the things I eat and make my selections accordingly. I have no will power, therefore, goodies that come in the house are removed quickly--my friends and neighbors get to enjoy the surplus. I think I can live this way the rest of my life. I was just eating way too much!
    Good luck to you on your journey to healthy living! emoticon
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