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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yesterday I asked my flatmate/friend Sara to take me swimming, well, I paid for her, and drove us.. lol but you know what I mean right? freestyle! We popped into the pool and she read out loud from a sign "NO PRIVATE LESSONS ALLOWED IN THE POOL WITHOUT EXPRESSED PERMISSION FROM STAFF" I gave her a look of defiance and we began my swimming lesson.
She was great! she let me pick the colour of the kick board I wanted, I went with pink :) then I changed my mind and went with sea green - And we did a lap just kicking.. and a lap back bring our arms over to the kick board (head not under)
Then she wanted me to dip my head intothe water, I couldnt..... She said ok hold your nose and go to the bottom as long as you can.. which was about 1/4 of a second.. i tried again and it was about 3/4 of a second.. I was freaking out..

We went back to the shallow end and we tried the facial dip yet again and i began shaking in fear.. I told her that the bungy thing in Queenstown was less terrifying.. I made a scene.. other swimmers noticed me. I said I couldn't do it! she asked, what specifically was the issue, water up my nose or my eyes... I said I wasn't sure.. so we went to the swim shop.. dripping wet.... with towels wrapped around us (into the public area where people are going to the gym and having lunch).... and I bought my first ever goggles, and nose pin thing. I must have fluffed around with the goggles and first part of our lesson for a whole hour.

We FINALLY got back to the facial dip thing.. and it was okay! I could see under the water really well.. and then iwas super keen to give it a go. I did maybe 4 strokes with a kick board and i could see BUBBLES FLOWING FROM MY HANDS.. as I moved them under water.. first time ever.. I jumped up suddenly out of the water and squealed with delight.. I slapped it and splashed it and ran in spot and i was SO HAPPY!!! (The same swimmer who took a step back when i was freaking out, took another step back when i was having my happy freak out! lol) There was literally 20 mins between the two!
I threw the kick board onto the side of the pool and before I could say "I'm NOT going to drown" I was away swimming for the first time in my life!!!! Three times faster than my doggy paddle!

I got a good 1/3rd down the pool before taking a breath then suddenly shot my head up, (not nicely out to the side) then proceeded to doggy paddle as if it were my safe go- to.
This breaking my swim... for an upwards doggy paddle and breath continued, on the lap back and that was that! Done! home time!
Sara told me to practice stationary at the end of the pool with my breath.(eg holding my head down straight and taking it out to side while moving my arms onto the pool side).. and until i was comfortable for two minutes doing it, to wait to try it in water.
She's an excellent teacher.. she taught me how to parallel park in ten minutes, using mathematics.. and the same for swimming. .she went at MY pace, which was 3 laps really... I knew how to kick with a kick board already :)
She said i wasn't kicking far enough and showed me to do it better and YAYAYAYAYA I CAN SWIM!
I was SO SO SO physically exerted, I had a big lunch and promptly fell asleep at 1pm and didn't wake till 4.30 when Kelvin got home.

I'm so proud of myself!
Like, Really :D
Bring on the stickers please!!!!

Hehehe :)

According to this website I have "Seahorse Skills"(level 5) There is still Dolphin level and Seal Level to go :)
Can't wait to do that kick turn!
So I need to do four laps I think, for the Triathlon.. .hehehe I probably DO swim something akin to a Seahorse, not very stream lined.. lol.

I went AGAIN today, alone.. and I was a lot better at the doggypaddle "i'madrown" panic thing, I still had like 2 or 3 in there... However keeping my ear in the water is very tricky for me at this point. I could do the end of the pool stationary breathing thing for about 20 seconds.. hrmm.. a ways to go :)
I can't believe I picked it up in one lesson, I'm cool!
I do not dare take my nose thingy off, altho i am THE ONLIEST one who wears it.. I still don't care! Hmph. My nose is very sensitive to "i'madrown" feelings!
But in time :D

Yay. (Yay!!!) yay :D

p.s Today I wrote a bit of a report for Floss my trainer, on my year of weight loss, it's interesting to notice what really impacted me, or who :) I got a LOT changed in July, which is our winter, so I find that interesting. Once I get it refined, I'll make it a blog entry :D - Or a flow chart of awesomeness. =]
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