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How Romney Feels About Us

Monday, October 15, 2012

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    I fully agree. At least we know what we have in Obama; Romney is in a world of his own. He has no plan. He wants us to trust in Romney; my trust is in Him and Him only!! My God is the only one I would trust with my life or the life of my family/friends.

    1922 days ago
    I am a military veteran, and I fought for the rights of people, ALL people, in our country to VOTE! I am livid that he and his party are actively attempting to prevent people from doing so. I am so ashamed of the republicans and their "leaders" ... this is NOT the America my children (or yours) deserve!

    There are not likely many (or any) people from the upper class on SP!

    Also, I cannot respect anyone who wants to tell me what to do with my body...Who thinks degrading and disrespecting the POTUS is funny or cute...A man whose religion espouses the belief that God lives on the planet Kolob, but in the next breath, falsely accuses another of being a part of an illegitimate religion...And let's not even delve into the history of the Mormon church -- I'm pretty sure Romney is NOT FOR ME or people who look like me...Why oh why would I ever even think about casting my precious vote for him? Right now, he and his party are very busy trying to keep me and people who look like me, from even being able to vote! Voter suppression is SHAMEFUL!!!!

    I fought for freedom, not suppression and hatred. For shame. emoticon

    1923 days ago
    1923 days ago
    Since I'm not one of his 1%...Romney wouldn't even give me another thought.

    Go Obama!!
    1923 days ago
    You're a bit off on this one. This better describes the likes of Soros.

    Go Romney!
    1923 days ago
    So on the money, Sunshine!
    1923 days ago
    Much of this stems from his Mormon experience:

    "When Romney veers from liberal to conservative to moderate stands, what he makes plain is that the world he is in, but not truly part of, is the political world. The shifting is a sleight of hand like Joseph Smith's magic, a means to an end. That end is higher attainment in the big payoff, the eternal world. As a result, expecting Romney to be accountable to a secular morality is to misunderstand him. That's part of his Mormon hubris, and it's what grants him the right to withhold specifics about both his political vision and his deeper beliefs. But if you hold yourself apart from the world, how can you understand those who do not? And how can they ever understand you?"

    Mikal Gilmore

    We don't matter to him. Simple as that.
    1924 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Oh people be careful of what you think you might get, be very careful. I see hope today and it didn't come from the party that placed me in the 47%. It takes time to work hard and change what was so very wrongly done by the powerful. The power is in the working class and what has been wrong is not Obama. Yes he has made mistakes, but one man does not run this country, do not be foolish. Be careful people on what you elect and vote in, if you think it is bad now, just wait until you do not even get foodstamps...then what? Think carefully of who has fought for that help.
    No one wants people to have to even get foodstamps or help, but knowing if we do need that it is there to fall back on. I have worked to hard to let it all be taken away. What a gamble, what a risk...I will not take that gamble or risk with my future or anyone else's either.
    1924 days ago
    Romney would give us for years of great jobs in China. He has no plan. Things are looking up job wise under President Obama. Too bad the Republicans like fairy tales. Their lack of logic astounds me.
    1924 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    We need a complete change in Washington. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.
    1924 days ago
    So you are for 4 more years of no jobs, I'm happy for you that you don't have to be gainfully employed but I have to put food on the table for my family and the food stamps we get doesn't do it!
    1924 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    May the best person win as it comes down to what our country and the people need! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1924 days ago
    love Dilbert and the whole crew.
    1924 days ago
    love Dilbert and the whole crew.
    1924 days ago
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