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2012 Pretty in Pink 5K!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Got to sleep early Saturday night as I wanted to be as rested as possible. I was bringing a slightly sore Achilles tendon, and a tender quad pull to the race. I spent two days icing, resting, and no lower body activity, including my daily morning tennis!
But I knew the healing was essential and I went by what I learned in a SparkPeople article on injury recovery. I also found KT Tape at Fit2Run last night in St Petersburg! D & I were curious about it after seeing all the 2012 Olympians using it in London. If you want to know more about it, check here:
Oh, it WAS effective!
We scored the pink color as I wanted to stay consistent with the race theme! I'll tell you right now that I will wear any color I'm in the mood for especially pink!
I was up very early this morning so I had enough time to wash up and dress appropriately! Let's forget all the technical BS and jump to the requested photos from all my SP Teammates!
(I have to tell you that when I walked the 1/4 mile from the parking lot to the race area, I already started to get whistles & catcalls! Yeah, I was diggin' it!)

If you've been reading my race reports, you know this shot.

I love a beautiful clear dawn sky!

D took this shot of me doing my pre-race banana!

That's just wrong in so many ways!

As the dawn broke, the pink got brighter!

I've known our starter from a bunch of races over the last year. We have become friends and had to show some love!

Others had noticed and the request for photo ops commenced!

I couldn't say no to anyone! Really!

It was minutes to the start and I had to get my race vibe going so I went to the starting line. I couldn't believe the complements I was getting in the pack! I started feelin' "PRETTY IN PINK!"

The course was the same as the Java 2 Java, starting with an incline bridge over the highway into the Ream Wilson Nature Trails of Clearwater. After leveling out, it became some flats with a few hills that seemed to be strategically placed to kill us!
I planned well for this course and hit those hills with a steady pace. (I didn't interval at all at this event as I changed pace for the lay of the land. It worked! When I saw the two mile marker, I started to plan for my kick. Holding steady, as I came up the bridge we initially had to maneuver, I kicked into gear at the top and glided in to a strong finish through the end. Chip girl cut me free from my electronic bond, I headed to get a cold H2O bottle, walked out my cooling period, THEN, I immediately went into my stretching routine. You learn fast from injuries and experience!

I waited for D & our friend to cross the line and we headed over for Breakfast Burritos, (No pink)Strawberry Shortcake (PINK), and Red Velvet Cake! (Blood PINK) For some reason, I wasn't in the mood for fruit!

We chilled and then the requests came again!

I had passed this lady early in the race & complemented her on her petticoat. She replied nicely in kind.

She saw me while we waited for the race results and said we had to get a photo together!

These girls came up to me and insisted on a photo! They were so sweet!

643 said, "Bet you never thought you would be surrounded by some crazy Vietnamese girls!" I went into all the towns I had been to in Vietnam and a great reminiscence commenced.

I had spoken to these women earlier, saw me posing, and they came back saying they had to have a shot with me.

See the woman coming up from the right?

Yep, she wanted in as well!

I had to add this one last shot. We met this lady and she is on SparkPeople but hadn't been on in around a year. Hopefully, I encouraged her to come back and join our Clearwater/Dunedin Spark Team. She's looking to run train with us! We're ready!

Everyone was wonderful and I enjoyed it all. It had to be Karma 'cause when they came to my age group, I placed second! I finally beat out a guy that had always crossed the line before me in at least five previous races! I was naturally euphoric!

I had to show off my mails as I got so many compliments on them.

You Glitter Be Good To Me by OPI!


This was definitely the most fun I've had at a race to date! Can't wait for next year!
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