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Fitness Nerd Alert!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm pleased to say that I'm finally feeling less sore instead of progressively more sore after CrossFit on Thursday. It's Sunday. But, like a bruise (sorta), the relief exposes new, or rather unrealized soreness in slightly different muscles.

Here's the nerd part: I'm pretty fascinated by this process and dying to figure out what the Latin names of the muscles I'm feeling are called and where exactly on a medical muscle chart picture they're located. I think my future passion remains something in the field of biology or physiology.

I *almost* posted a status on Facebook that was something like "Is it wrong that my recovering muscles and migrating pain is fascinating to me? This is how people get addicted to stuff like this, right?" -- All tongue in cheek and silly feeling. But I knew that if anyone would understand even a fraction of that joke would be Sparkers. Thank goodness for SparkPeople.com, where I don't have to worry about people groaning while reading YET ANOTHER post about my fitness experiences. ;)

2nd nerdy alert:
I saw this older lady wearing the same brand and model of my old running shoes. I had a swift "OMG, we should be friends!" moment in a fit of recognition enthusiasm. It made me think of that funny CommunityChannel.youtube.com video, and I giggled to myself. I never did get a chance to talk to her because by the time she turned around she was determinedly striding out the door with her husband--Eek. Maybe she wouldn't have reacted well anyway. Phew. Haha. Then again, every time I engage strangers I'm usually pleasantly surprised.

I'm going to try to find that video link for you. It's so funny, and applies to when I read something I recognize on someone's SparkPage too. ;) www.youtube.com/watch?v=

"I have hair.."
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