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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yesterday, I DID it! I ran a half-marathon! It was my first race EVER and I did it!

I can now say:

1. I'm proud of myself, incredibly PROUD of myself.
2. I'm more than a little bit surprised that I was able to do it.
3. My training was inconsistent at best, but my commitment to complete was HUGE and carried me through.
4. Even when you might think you NEED others to support you, what you really need is belief in yourself and a burning desire to get through.
5. Apple country is NOT flat. LOL.
6. My mind is an incredible tool that will do what it needs to to help me do what I need to. If my brain had let me feel the pain of the blisters I got yesterday DURING the race, I never would have finished.
7. You're never too old. (PS: My bib number matched my age - 51 - which was WAY COOL I thought!)
8. Trying a new running "app" the day of your race is not wise.
9. 45-50 degrees is my ideal running weather.
10. Doing something you didn't think you could do is empowering, unbelievably EMPOWERING!

I can also say that from now on, 5K and maybe 10K races will be my choice. The race I ran was actually 13.49 miles. It was a real stretch for me to choose this as my very first race and I don't regret it AT ALL, but shorter races will not only be something I may be able to be competitive in, they might even be FUN. I have to admit, once I realized I had blisters on both heels and something going on with a few toes as well (somewhere between mile 10 and 11), the half-marathon became way less FUN. But I did it! And to top it off, even with the blisters, toe issues, knee pain, etc...I was not TOO far off my goal pace of 12 min/mile!

And so...I am so incredibly proud of myself. Oh wait, did I say that already? Sorry, please bear with me because this IS a first!
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