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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Holy dang, I honestly do not remember the last time my bones and muscles were so completely spent. Today has been CRAZY and healthy - thanks in part to a suggestion by DAUGHTEROFTWIN to keep myself busy on the weekend and see if that, combined with my planned meals, helps me stay on track better.

Well, it has and hasn't.

Last night, a friend and I went out to see Sinister. Before we left, I exercised and got in an extra 15 minutes because I knew I was going to want a drink before the movie.

+ 100 extra calories burned.

We went and sat down to have our drink and she hadn't eaten dinner yet. So she ordered a plate of potato crisps, topped with bacon and cheese. I shared them with her because I hadn't eaten dinner yet either. This plate took me to the top of my range, when combined with the three mini candies I'd planned to have at the movie.

Still +100 extra calories burned.

At the theatre, we shared a diet pop and had an oz of cotton candy.

Bye bye, extra calories burned. It was nice knowing you.

After the movie, we were pretty pumped full of scaredrenolin and had a fun drive home talking about various scary crap. She wasn't quite ready to turn and hit the road home, so we stopped for a 6-pack to drink at my house. I intended to buy a pack of Woodchuck Crisp, only 120 calories a bottle. However, they had one. single. solitary. pack left of Woodchuck Fall limited brew left. Like, for the season. Like, for the next year.

Their seasonal limited brews have 220 calories per bottle, and well I know this. But that's what we bought and I had 2.5 of them.

Now I'm in the hole 550 calories after drinking. And then I had some another snack because I was buzzy and my willpower plants was shoved waaaaaaaaaay back in the closet.

I ended the day 900 calories over. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Dummy.

Today, I vowed I would exercise extra and eat on the lower end of my range to bounce back. And, to be honest, after eating that much food yesterday, I don't need very much today.

So I woke up and planned out a 1250 calorie day, which is about 100 under my minimum range. And then I got on my bike. 30 minutes went by, and I thought, "I still have enough in me for 30 more." 60 minutes went by, and I thought, "I can push for 10 more." 70 minutes went by and I thought, "5 minute cool down!"

Burned an extra 400 calories beyond what I was scheduled for! Shaved 100 calories
off my intake! 500 calories toward my 900 calorie Dummy Debt.

Then I got off and did some upper body ST for 15 minutes, had lunch and decided that instead of sitting around watching Halloween specials all day, I was going to get the outside of the house decorated. So I spent the next 3 hours climbing up and down ladders, eaves and porch rails - digging holes and burying tombstones - Lifting and stretching, jumping and squatting!

The cardio tracker says I potentially burned over 1000 calories doing my decorating, if I count it as "gardening," which is the closest thing I can think of. I'm not adding it to my tracker, but I consider that remaining 400 calorie "overage" from yesterday pretty well gone.

Hooray! I feel like I've balanced yesterday and today quite nicely. Tomorrow, we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of 1400 calories and a rest day.

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