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Neg to Pos-StepbyStep Guide

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I wrote this as a message thread yesterday, but realized after few responses that it was a mini-blog, so I'm copying it here. It'll make it easier to find for myself later, too, in case I am lost and can't remember my rough guideline "steps".


I made a lot of progress in positive self image (thinking better about how I look), & it is what contributed to my 100 pound weight loss. I feel like I need to love myself 1st in order to work to "take care" of myself by eating proper nutrition and moving/exercising the body I am in charge of.

But my fears about sagging skin and the unknown let new unfamiliar body criticisms in. I'm tired of the self sabotage that goes with it. I've done a couple of CrossFit classes at work as part of the weight loss contest there, and already notice a difference. The biceps that are so sore are also more prominent - leading me to believe this morning that it makes the sagging part of my skin even MORE obvious.

I cut that thought right off. -- Actually, maybe it's the skin that is allowing my muscle to show through! That made me think of the process I used before, when seeing pictures of myself from any angle except the "perfect" one made me sad. Here it is:

1st step is ACCEPTANCE (observation without negative judgement):
*It's okay for my body to look/feel/appear/fit like this.
*This is how it is.
*My body will do what it wants.
*Hmm, that happens when I move that way, interesting.
*If I take pictures now I'll have solid proof about how far I've come later!
*Any negative thoughts get stopped and replaced.
*I am in transition- constantly changing.

2nd step is APPRECIATION (positive spin):
*At least my body is stronger.
*This is what happens as I'm building my amazing capable body!
*I like that I'm learning how/where these muscles are to flex!
*Hey! I can see it flex!
*Proof of my trials/badge of honor
*Look how far I've come!

3rd step is LOVE (wholehearted):
*Ooh! I love how this feels!
*I'm a sexy so and so.
*Look what I can do!!
*Proud and accomplished- keeping long lists of achievements and compliments

Just wanted to share and save it for me later
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